Need Some Help. T3 Droid.

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Hi folks,

I hate asking for help but I have to admit I am awful at 3D Design work but I have a desire to make a droid; T3-M4.

I've been think about making a Droid for about 6 months now and I know there is plenty out there to make an R2-D2, BB8 or even a C1-10P. But I don't want any of them if i'm honest. I have my heart set on T3.

I'm looking to see in there are any individuals that would be interested in joining in in designing a full scale T3-M4 Droid much like the R2-D2 project. I am happy to do the building, testing ...etc this will be a long term project so I am looking for some fellow revanites that wants to help bring an old friend back from the past.

I know it's a big ask specially as I haven't been interacted with this group yet but I've found member of thingiverse really great so far so I thought I would take the leap and ask.

In the interest of full transparency: I am new to 3D Printing but hooked beyond belief. I'm a programmer by trade not an engineer. I can't really offer much other than passion, desire and time. I'm also in the UK, others from the UK would be of benefit but I am will to accept charity from anyone, anywhere.

So, how about it? Anyone crazy enough to accept my meager offer and do something that (as far as I'm aware) is unique.

Hi I have two or three of those versions saves some where I'll uploaded them as soon as i locate them ; ) Cheers Jace

I'll thank you now in advance and thank you again later. ;)

Edit: HA! I already have one of your titan fall helmets on my things to make list. Not a fan of the game but the design is EPIC! You're one talented artist.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3343480 Hmm, just a play model at the moment. I'll spend some serious time on it where I can : )

Thanks Alex for the boost, at best just a good tinkerer of altering already good modelers models, readliy available on the internet ; )
Cheers Jace


It’s only truth jace. Something I try to deal with openly, doesn’t alway work in people’s favour

id try it but I know next to nothing about the stuff to make a droid. But honestly it seems like it might be a tad easier than a r2 unit. at least from what the guy at XRobots did for his R4 unit.

though honestly the basic methods seem the same, though the T series does seem like it requires more motors than a R series does to move it. As well if memory is right I think the t series might be shorter than a r series is. it at least has a smaller body.

Agreed, put a fair amount of thought into it thus far. The body will be actually be easier, he is a box after all but to get good movement in the legs and mobility it will be more of a challenge but there are a lot of common elements I can learn from from the R units. And def on the motors, twice the legs. I want all four powered.

Good memory. The t units are 0.98m and the r units are 1.09m. However worth noting that the T series can adjust their height a bit with the position of the front legs, meaning pivot points on feet and shoulder joints.

I Love this Idea!!!, would love to help as well, but am bad at engineering and programing, bout' all i could do is rip the T3 model from kotor. but someone beat me to it
(even though this model is made from scratch and not from Kotor directly)
this model would probably help more then a direct game one anyway.

Can't wait to see how this project turns out. we need a T3 builders club..

T3 Droid from Star Wars (T3-M4)

LOL. I was looking at your designs yesterday, particularly the boba fett knife.

Thanks for the reply DiegoFx. All are welcome to take part at any skill level. I'm not one to judge on skills, I think this is going to be a massive learning experience for me.

Yeah, I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head since reading the Revan book. Plus in a weird way; we're all revan at heart and my heart broke at the end of the book.

I've seen the model and I have a couple of things on my print queue then I'm going to print this model to start getting idea's together. My eventual aim is to break it down into smaller parts, so it can be built bit by bit but I'm seriously lacking in skills in this department and if i'm been honest 3D Design isn't a skill i want to develop. I'm more interested in electronics/engineering side.

Going to make a group now, great idea... (Done)

Something else that might help, i was reading the forum in the T3 builder's club. and i can assure you what your doing is possible. https://www.amazon.com/Interactive-Astromech-Droid-Discontinued-manufacturer/dp/B001E95SQ2
I bought one of these 8 years ago when they came out and they are lots of fun. especially if you master the cup holder..
There are some people who buy these and open them up, to put the electronics is a bigger shell. so if you want you could do that. but i wouldn't recommend it cause it would still sound like R2.
If anything i think you could use it for inspiration for T3 when it comes to the voice commands.
"hey T3, Do you remember? Carth Onasi!"

point is i have full faith this project will work, and cant wait to see how it turns out.

I would also refer to James Burton. he is a great inspiration as well

Sorry can only touch on this briefly, my bed beckons.

I like the idea so pulling something apart. I'm planning on building a prototype at a much smaller scale as this is going to be a process so this is a good tip.

Aware of James Burton, he's a smart guy but find him hard to watch, probably because he's aiming at a younger audience and I want all the nerdy, science details in and adult format, i know i'm been a snob. I have the same issue with 3D Printing Nerd, learnt a lot from Joel so far but I can only stomach him in small amounts.

And of course T3 remembers, he's immune to memory wipes :)

Voice command are differently on the agenda. I have a 'very bad' prototype for my own voice command system as I don't like Alexa/Google before I don't like been reliant on a internet connect to have this feature.

Edit: Although I now see you're aware of the depth of my madness on this project.

hmmm, perhaps remix that and then hallow it out for electronics and motors

Yep. knocked up the files last night at a larger scale. Going to print for the weekend and start doing to pen and paper work today on the train to work.