Millennium Falcon Legacy ... replacement parts ?

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Been looking for replacement parts for my Millennium Falcon Legacy to 3D print ...
ie - front mounted Gun - Training ball and arm - smugglers covers - landing gear - blaster barrels .. ect

does anyone have any links or or files to share ..!

Hi all ...
I manage a few FB Groups successfully - and have decided to make a new group - STARS WARS TOY RESTORATION https://www.facebook.com/groups/362593798176922/

"You had that Old STAR WARS TOY sitting in the back of the cupboard / loft or in the shed because you fell out of love with it, because as a child you broke it, lost parts to it ......"

The Ethos of the group to help each other with ..
Finding links parts.
Direct members to FREE STL files
Direct members to REASONABLE priced STL files.
Helping other's by 3D Printing part(s) for reasonable price or trade.
Designer's can offer Bespoke designs.

This is not a site to promote your Business Page by any means
It has been started and I making sure I have all the bases sorted ... i know this will be a low member group but if you want to come and join by means come and have a look ....

started another legacy project ... so looking for the radar dish - bottom 4 lasor cannon - escape shuttle hatch .. this is going to be a bit bigger build that the last one .... links please

Regarding my Files of the Landing gear for the Falcon:

This is curently under Moderation because of a DMCA Claim from Disney.
First I was puzzled because I have 45 Designs on Thingiverse, and 27 of them are related to Star Wars. So why they took down the Landing Gear but None of the other Things, for example one of my Razor Crest models?

The DMCA note I received now (you Can aks that it is e-mailed) gives absolutely no glue.

But after thinking it over and checking all my other SW Designs for clues I have a assumption:

I tried to recreate the Landing gear as close to the original parts as possible. For that I used a caliper and my Engineering skills. But I think I did it to well and made the mistake to make a high-Quality ray-tracing Picture of the 3D model. So I come too the conclusion that Disney assumed that I did use a 3D scanning tool and made exact copies. I think that is something they don´t accept.

Disney didn´t for sure download the Files and check all dimensions, but they looked at the Picture and took it for a 3d scanned file.

I would now have the possibility to complain a file against this, but I think in this case it´s not worth the effort. I understand that Disney has to protect their IP and as Long as they only go against 3D scanned parts and not against Fan Sculptures (which in rare cases in the beginning they did, but I think they stopped it again very quick) ist completely understandable for me.

Unfortunately that means that my files for the Landing gear won´t get again online I´m afraid. But if someone is in desperate Need for spare partsof the Landing gear he can contact me over a message in thingiverse or my E-Mail adress.

if its just the wording change the description as I've other's stl still showing ...

As I explained it's the Picture, I'm quite Sure. There are 10th of "Millenium falcon" in Thingiverse, If it's Just the Wording they all would be taken down.
Disney thinks the landing Gear parts are 3d Scans! I wait a few weeks, and when the File will be deleted maybe I Change some Details in the Landing Gear and Upload only the filled ones with a CAD Picture instead of a Render.

Can't blame Disney If they don't want their assets 3d scanned and given away.
In my case it May be colleteral damage, but I See it as a compliment that I nailed the parts so exactly that they are taken for 3D Scans. ;-)

Bad Luck for people who are in need for replacement, but maybe they stumble over this Thread. Drop me a Line Guys!

Uploaded the "ammunition" parts:
I keep the description intentionaly vage so they aren't taken down Like the landing Gear.

Made the parts for the lower Barrels of the laser Canon and that for three Front Torpedos.

If someone Needs the landing Gear parts drop me a Message with an e-mail Adresse. ;-)

Falcon spare parts

What do you mean by "Front mounting Gun"?

Would be easier If you add Fotos of your Falcon what ist Missing.

Die you See my landing Gear Files?

your landing gear files have been taken down.

Strange, I created them myself and they are only spare parts which Disney doesn't sell themselve.

any luck with finding the parts.

You mean the MF from the Legacy series from Hasbro? The big one?

Which parts do you need? Can you make a photo and mark the positions of the missing parts?

thought it was weird as well. thought you took them down for some reason. I was able to download them before they where taken down.

No, there ist a Remark that they are under Moderation because of a Claim from Disney. But you can buy printed Sets ob many Websites, means comercial Use, I Wonder who has a Problem with free 3d Files which are Not comercial?

I didn't get a Message or e-mail regarding this, so that ia really Strange.
I mean there are Tons of Star Wars Models for Download Here...

thanks to everyone for looking but would seem their are not replica parts to be had bar the landing gear...

I started a collection for a Hasbro Hero Falcon, but there should be a lot of the same parts that just need to be resized.

the legacy are different parts to those ... but thanks for looking

I've even got the different versions of the falcon but those parts will not fit even ....

Oh yes! i would love this to! but my modeling software doesn't do measurements. I need to cockpit canopy, smuggler's covers, guns, landing gear, and ramp. Someone please do this! parts are way to expensive on Ebay

I've seen the stl files for sale but someone most have a set to post for everyone for the legacy version