Opinion poll for "Bearsloth" Ugly fighter

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I would like to ask here the more experienced players, what do you think of my design, and it's cover story.
Is it overpowered?
Are you wishing to play with it?


I was watching this series of videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K1sIVlM25c

I think it can easily replace the Y-Wing squadrons. What do you think?

Star Wars - Tie-Wing Heavy bomber "Bearsloth" Ugly - Remix
by Tse_Tso

I'm not a fan of the mandible chunks under the x-wing bodies. The design needs to feel more fluid. Not to say it has to be pretty, but there should be more shape-to-shape motion. Right now it feels like a remix in a not so good way.

Thanks :) So you mean if I put the torpedo racks in front of the x-wing bodies it will look better. It will make it also longer. I will need maybe to redesign the tie struts to remove the third one and to put the remaining ones 180 deg to each other so that the ball is in the middle in the vertical plane. What do you think about that?

( Not finished, WIP )

alt text

Thats better. I think the x-wing parts still feel off to me though. I think it's the x-wing fuselage that bothers me the most. What if you don't move the struts 180 and instead move the x-wings so they go from a straight line from the struts? Like an upside down V

Ah ok, inverted V, let's try it. Is this what you mean? I took out the vertical strut because it was sticking in my face since the beginning :)
See, there is no way to make Ugly between TIE Fighter and X-Wing without having parts from both. Somehow it will not work.

alt text

Close. The model has 3 sections. 2 x-wings and a tie. What I mean is to have the x-wings positioned similarly on the tie struts, but instead of having the x-wings parallel to the ground, rotate them so they continue the upside down V-shape. Right now they are like /^\ I think the whole shape should just be like /^. If that makes sense.

Ah so to rotate the ball 90 degrees backwards so that the struts are in the same plane as the x-wing bodies? But then the pilot look and the engine's thrust will be in 90 degrees to each other. Also, the tie engine will be in 90 degrees to the x-wing engines. That fighter will fly a very weird pattern :)
Do I get something wrong?

What I can do is to cut the ball and the engine from the struts, then rotate the strut assembly, put the engine on the back, it will be on the place of the third strut which is now cut to the base. Then put the ball in the V opening of the struts. Something like this when you look from the top:


Ha ha no, don't rotate the tie cockpit.. I mean to attach the x-wing parts so they are aligned like the tie defender wings are aligned. Notice how the tie defender strut attaches to the flat of the back of the wing? Do that, but attach the strut to the flat of the x-wing fuselage. Right now the strut doesn't attach to the flat, but instead at an angle.

Ah OK, that's easy to make, then the xwing wings will be pointing down and will be part of the inverted V. Don't know how this thing will land but OK some advanced technology will help it :)
I will try to see it and post a pic when I am happy with it.