Missing thing file. Can you help?

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A few weeks ago an Etsy seller who said they were quitting selling posted a bunch of prop files, blasters and armor and other props. I saved it to things. When I went to download them days later (when I had the time.) I cannot find the post on thingiverse or where I had saved them. Did anyone manage to save them? If so can you please share them with me? Thank you.

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What happened? I was just looking for a file?

there is a spam problem for a few weeks already, some users receive hundreds of non sense comments per day in their emails. that might had happened to your thread as well. I have removed one of my threads to stop it flooding my email. If you didn't noticed it you are lucky.
If you managed to find some of the files please PM me. Thanks in advance!

Not yet. It was like 50 different files. I saved it. But when I came back to dl it. It was gone. Sorry man. And thanks for the info.

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upvote this post! (i want to know too)