The other Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett helmet.

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I see Thingiverse has the alternate one with all the mouth parts, I'm looking for the other white helmet with the little red triangle above the T-visor.
Anyone seen a STL file?

There's plenty under the search for "super commando".

That’s not it, but thank you.
See pic in my original post.

Do you mean the Ralph McQuarrie Concept version?

Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett Concept

Yes, but the other one. There were two, I attached a pic in my original post.
Thanks just the same

My bad, I didn't click on the image. The designer for this version was Joe Johnson.

Sideshow had this helmet version as well as the 'RM' concept version, if you can find rear helmet images of this....

If not already, I'd checkout the Dented Helmet Forum, the ultimate Boba Fett place: