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Hi, I am new and can not set a cover photo for my design is there any way you can help me?

Flip Flop Pixels

Edit your Thing, Upload the desired picture (jpg, png, etc), drag it to the front of the images, Save.

Thank you but when i try to upload a photo it says it has to be less than 50MB.

Yes, limitation of the site, wasn't always that way.

Take a lower resolution pic.

I use Vignette on my Android, they always come in under, no need to shrink it after.

Just a quick question how do you take a lower resolution pic?

It's typically in the app's Settings.

As I said, I use Vignette for Android and it defaults to a lower res, suitable for TV.

Thank you I will have to give it a try.

It will not work but thank you so much for giving feedback!