blaze trooper

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hey, does anyone know where i can find a blaze trooper model? (the big, bulky, clone trooper?)

Hey there! I have a low poly blaze trooper file laying around from a long defunct project. Here you go man!

thanks so much man! just reach out if there's anything i can do to return the favor!

You're welcome! I'm always happy to help where I can! I'll keep that in mind. I like your reimagined Jedi and Star Wars universe so far too! Keep it up man. Always a place for good stories in the world.

Alright! and thanks!! I'm definitely gonna keep making some more of them! have any ideas for more, or files that I can use?

Hm... as for files, I have a large repository from about 6 years of doing this saved up, so if you need something you can't find anywhere else, just shoot me a message and I'll see if I have it someplace. As for ideas, maybe you do some clones using salvaged Imp. Guard equipment or vice verse. Or Ad-Mech style droids. That would be pretty cool.

alright, thanks so much!! i'll let you know! and those are cool ideas!! I'll look into them, and try them on blender!! anyway, I actually have a large stash of WH stuff, so if you need anything from there, let me know! thanks again!