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never know until you ask

Enfys Nest helmet. Honestly surprised Jace1969 hasn't already made one, hehe. For reference,,, https://imgur.com/a/Mho7BN6

Please and thank you!

do you known of a print of the Star Wars Millenium Falcon that is detailed inside and out ... ie . engine cockpit everything in a cut away

There are 3D model of Falcon Interior, which is very detailed, and you can get it for free.

but, it is not printable, unless you are willing to put a lot of work to make it printable.

problem is, the interior set and exterior set of Falcon in the movies were not compatible to each other.
they just will not fit.

You have also the one in gambody.....

Just Snowtroopers....rebel soliders....stormtroopers....republic soldiers...clone troopers....in diferent poses to print and paint... it would be awesome!

would like to see bust from the waist up for the star wars trooper , ect ... i think i have seen one ???

Which model star wars trooper?

any and all charaters for the the films.. the one's ive seen are the AT-AT Driver and Vader (but they are not the best to use) but they need a cool star wars plinth to make it POP .. as an exsample the predator Bust by Geoffro is the kind of style and quality ....

How has no one done a TT-8L/Y7 ? Jabbas door droid?

I would love to see a line of Clone Wars Cartoon character statues

I know there are a few out there but nothing that I'm looking for exactly. Looking for an iPhone 7 Plus Han in carbonite phone case. I want one that has Han from head to toe, not cut off at the knees. Of course 3 dimensional. And would love to have the sides of the case have the control panels. If there is one out there that I may have missed please let me know.

Original stormtrooper(ANH) wearable forarms, codpiece/ butt piece. I'm amazed that i havent been able to find a decent representation of those pieces in printable files. They are a classic, a staple of the Star Wars universe after all. Thought they would be one of the first things made available. Ive managed to find pretty good models for the rest of the armor set.

Would anybody (or Jace since he has one version) be able to make or find a more smooth version of the EOD helmet from Halo Reach? Gungnir helmet would also be fantastic. (Both wearable)

Hi Ryan, will keep looking for my orignial ported file but hopefully these may be of some use ; ) Cheers Jace

Halos Gungnir Helmet V1 & 2

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2612494 this ones wearable ; ) but you would need to confirm the sizing suits your needs : )

Ohh I have Gungnir somewhere will post it where time permits, Cheers Jace

Halo EOD Helmet (Remix)

How do you guys recommend figuring out how big I should make it? Last time that I made a halo helmet I made the opening big enough for my whole head to fit through to put on and it looked ridiculously enormous on me. Should I split it into a front and back half and attach it w magnets?

Well I guess thats the tricky part, getting it in proportion and fitting to your head size. If the average large adult head is generally 18cms wide then I'd start with measuring the opening width and going from there perhaps? Cheers Jace

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1:1 imp royal guard

could someone make a full scale articulated ID-10 Seeker droid?

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2754058 I new I had one some where ; ) Hope it works for your project : ) Cheers Jace

Star Wars ID10 Seeker Droid

Actually I have one of those on file, but on holiday at the moment away from my PC. Remind me in a couple of weeks and I'll dig it up, Cheers Jace

Would be cool to see the Rebel ring from TLJ

Rebels Ring "The Last Jedi"

could you make a wearable Mando Stalker Helmet (google if you don’t know what it is)

Jedi Temple Guard keys

The Jedi temple doesn't have keys. Please realize that was why the cloens got in so easily.

Old Republic Jedi/Sith Armor?

Dying for a real wearable tie pilot helmet

I made one. Check out my profile. Also check out jace's.

Rebels Thrawn Armor and helmet? I would be forever grateful!

Jedi temple guard helmet

Star Wars Jedi Temple Guard Full Mask / Helmet

can you do a snowtrooper helmet form EBS I cant find it anywhere

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a 1:1 scale death start :)

Do you mean Death Star?

Could someone make an General Kenobi shoulders/chest armor?

Obi-Wan Kenobi's armor is clone trooper armor. So if you look up clone trooper armor print the chest part and the arms and hands and the legs.

I mean the one during clone wars, which is similar to Darth Vader's

Yeah, It is clone trooper armor.

Could you make a Rogue One Two Tubes Mask....

Slave 1, Would Love to Print a detailed version with working features.:)

You would have to slice it up though

SW Imperial Slave Ship / Bobba Fett

I realize this might be easier to make with a foam build, but perhaps the Imperial tech armor front and back and the little panel on the left arm that's built into the suit, from Rogue One? Trying to work on Jyn's undercover look.

Check out Jawa Chop Shop on Instagram or Facebook. He already has the completed armor on sale.

Looking for star wars Twi'leks Twileks and Leku - ideally as jedi or apprentice - not slaves.

Ever since my SWG Combat med days i've been on the hunt but there seems to be an aversion to placing a robe on this species :(

I am reeducating myself on 3d modeling tools and also appreciate suggestions on which programs to invest my time into. ( I sculpt and do metalsmithing / jewelrymaking / glasswork and enameling)

I was into adobe / poser / maya / with slight zbrush experience 12 years ago - jut recieved my 3dwox printer this year and looking towards finally creating those figures i cant get elsewhere

Hey check out my new designs

I'd love to see a fully detailed, full scale (or at least easily scaled up) model of the Z6 Riot Baton https://goo.gl/txlSrL bonus points for "whoopy-stick" functionality. =)

Hey check out my new designs

Old thread, but I would really love to see the Sith Acolyte armor and masks from the Old Republic...minor alterations would make Jedi armor too, so 2 birds, one stone!

could you make a wearable Mando Stalker Helmet (google if you don’t know what it is)

Hey check out my new designs

can you make the wearable tulak hord helm from star wars the old republic?

Would love to see more Boba Fett armor parts. Things like his gauntlets, leg pocket greeblies, as much of the armor as can be reasonably printable, jetpack parts broken down, etc.

Reveal parts for Darth Vader's helmet from RotJ? They can be a real bear to find!

Can you make a clone trooper helmet and armor that is wearable

Hey check out my new designs

Or a BB8 that is one piece but solid

If you look up BB8 there are one piece solid ones.

I'd love a full size TIE Pilot helmet but I would settle for a small one I can turn into a hood ornament. .

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Luke's Landspeeder for 6 inch figures.

Hey check out my new designs

Luke's Landspeeder for 6 inch figures.

Mandolorian stalker helmet?

I'd love a good Imperial Probe Droid model

Actual, working lightsaber.

Sorry mate but you would need atleast 1 million just for a capable lasar/plasma. And if you 3d print the parts it would just melt.

I request 1 million dollar donation.

thats just a small loan, you should ask for more!

I don't want loan, i want grant.