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by DrewIsBender

I was hoping if all of you could recommend an easy to use (I'm totally new at CAD software) 3D creation software? I am a player in my buddies' game and would like to make some basic things.

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Outerworld: 3d printable Support-Free Sci-Fi miniatures

by rocketpiggames

I thought you guys might be interested in this Patreon going LIVE soon.

  • There will be Several Tiers (including a Merchant Tier)
  • 3.5/Starfinder Entry Sheet for each unique creature/mini
  • Patron-Perks (40% discount codes) for our store.

Join our FB to get a heads up on it:

Launching in next week!

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starships and space stations

by majorcanis0478

hey there friends so i had the idea for making these
work for our starships and space stations so making modular units and pieces for each size category based on all the possible upgrades you can get in the game

Niphilim's Modular Space Scenery with OpenLOCK
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