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Brobot EVO 2:the STEM Ed 3D printable robot with STEM challenges

by jjrobots

Just wanted to leave this here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2306541 We have just created this B-robot. It is an OPENSOURCE/arduino coded robot which uses two stepper motor + giroscope+ Arduino to keep the balance. Can be controlled via smartphone/tablet.
Landing page: https://www.jjrobots.com/much-more-than-a-self-balancing-robot/
STEM challenges (so far):

Thanks ;-)

Remotely controlled - Arduino Self balancing robot
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slide storage

by joshprinter

has anyone printed the slide storage thing yet

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how slide storage stays together

by joshprinter

thier are holes at the top and bottom of both things line it up and insert the pins

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Introduction CAD design and contest

by cjkturtle

Here on thingiverse there is a very small beginner section. I would love to encourage more beginners to start exploring the world of self designing. Many people on here own a 3d printer and mainly use it to create objects pre made and uploaded by other users. I am holding an in-group competition to see who can design the best file. This competition is a trust system and therefore I cannot tell if you created the file earlier. Please make a design that you feel encourages those who want to create but just don't feel ready to. I will pick a winner thisFriday (3-31-17). Good luck to you all and I will feature the winning design on a topic with your name (if you would like) and I will pin it in the thread for 2 weeks so that everybody can see it and feature it in the group things section. Have fun and stay smart!!! Post your designs in a link to this topic and/or place them in the things part of this group.

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Do's and Don'ts of 3D Printing

by Webshooter

For anyone that is fairly new to 3D printing, I thought it would be good to have a quick reference to a place that has tips on frequent printing problems that occur. I have made a short list of things I have found out from personal experience, and things that I have read online. It would be great if it could be added to by the community. I'm still learning simple things that majorly improve my prints.

Do's and Don'ts of 3D Printing

  1. Don't turn on your cooling fan when printing ABS. The layers will stick and you will be left with a glob of plastic on your extruder.
  2. Don't leave your extruder heating with filament in it. Otherwise you will burn the filament and clog your extruder.
  3. If you are using glass on your print bed, DO make sure that it is tempered, lest it will crack or explode after a few prints.
  4. Do use a raft if you want the bottom of your prints to be cleaner. It wastes some plastic, but helps preserve your print when you remove it, and helps with bed adhesion.
  5. Do take time to level your bed. You can clog your extruder if it is too close to the print bed, because it will not be able to extrude for a few layers. It also is harder for your motors to scrape the head around on the table.
  6. Don't try to tune your printer while the extruder is hot. (You can use your imagination to figure out "why?" on that one)
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