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by Preciousstar

Hello all! I know I've been absent for quite a while, life got pretty hectic for a bit. But now I'm back, and working on the group!
I updated the featured designs, and I will try to add designs for Jasper's gem and re-scale a couple of my current designs. Keep adding your own designs, I love them all! c:

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Gem Weapons

by dorito4her

Hey hey hey! I recently started learning 3d modelling. As you can already tell, I am a big fan of Steven Universe, so for practice I make stuff I see there. I make the models and I think they turn out pretty well and people like it. Yesterday some guy from reddit told me about this site and here I am.

I have made four weapons already http://www.thingiverse.com/dorito_for_her/collections/steven-universe

And I also have a WIP models of gem destabilizer and Garnet, I can post them too, if you fancy.

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Character prints

by lith_irc

I've added Garnet, Amethyst and (not Pearl) and Steven prints, let me know what you think.




Garnet (Steven Universe)
Steven Universe
Amethyst (Steven Universe)
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The Diamonds

by FabReyes

I have designed three reliefs of the diamonds (Pink, Yellow, and Blue). Check them if you have time.


Pink Diamond - Steven Universe
Yellow Diamond - Steven Universe
Blue Diamond - Steven Universe
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