The Diamonds

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I have designed three reliefs of the diamonds (Pink, Yellow, and Blue). Check them if you have time.


Pink Diamond - Steven Universe
Yellow Diamond - Steven Universe
Blue Diamond - Steven Universe

Thanks for starting the white diamond model <3 What program do you use to design them?

I use Fusion 360. It is a little bit of an overkill for relatively simple designs as these (simple extrusions), but it is the CAD software I am more familiar with. I use a picture (that i found in http://stevencrewniverse.tumblr.com/ a long time ago) as a canvas, and then make a sketch over it. Finally, I extrude sections with different heights in order to give depth to the design (I guess it could be considered a 2.5D design).

It is actually very simple, just a little time consuming. The difficult part is the rendering (also done in Fusion 360) since it is difficult to get the correct light and angle in order to show the relief properly.

When I have all diamonds I am planning something special. I hope someone can print (or mill) one of these designs.

Any chance you could make one for White Diamond as well? I'd love to have the full set! Thank you so much.

Hi, I was waiting for her to appear in the show. But I think it would be nice to have the model as soon as possible. I will try to finish it this weekend.

Cool! I am still not sure when I'll be able to print these so there's no rush on my end. :)

Love these! good luck in later models!