Safe shutdown bracket, bangood edition.

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Hello everyone.
I printed the safe shutdown bracket, but it corresponds to the powerboost version. I own the bangood version, wich is longer... Did anyone do a bracket for this version ?
Thanks !

I thought I added a new version but didn't. Added it. The right side is open to allow for the pins to be exposed.

hey @johweb,

It should also work with the banggood version. It may not fit perfectly width-wise but that's ok because you'll want access to those pins on the right side. The main thing the bracket solves is to keep it in place while the case is opened.

Hi @sixteenbit
No your design doesn't work with the bangood version, because of the two big chips on the rear of the pcb. ;)

I'll try it today and I'll tell you ! Great !! :)

I just printed it. Yes, it's fine and helps keep holding the pcb. Thanks a lot !