Z screw dimensions

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Can anyone tell me what the z-leadscrew´s dimensions are? It´s called T8 on the packaging list, but as far as I know there is no such thing.
Trapezoidal screws are called Tr8-1.5 for example, but this one on the Sunhokey is different.

So calculating the steps: This would be for 0.9° steppers and 1/16th polulus: 400steps per mm.

This is awfully coarse compared to my other repraps where I usually have values of 2500 or so.

The only help would be to use DRV8825s or the new RADDS 1/128th steppers...

In normal operation this would not matter too much but with autobed leveling one will definately feel the problems associated

Motor step angle: 1.8°
Driver microstepping: 1/16
Leadscrew pitch: 8
Pitch presets: M8
Gear ratio 1:1

400 steps per mm. 1:400= 2,5 micron. This precision is enough

I know, actually I´m an engineer, but dont tell anyone, OK?

My problem is more with the english terms.. so we have a pitch of 2mm here? (one turn equals 8mm in movement) or is this called the lead?
Pitch is the distance between two threads and lead is movement per revolution, right?

So the proper label for the rods is Tr8-2?

I'm an egineer student and I had the same problem with terms (I'm italian). http://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lead_and_pitch_in_screws.png

The proper label for the rods I think that it is Tr8x8(P2)