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What games are your printing for?

by eliahu77

I'm a 40K player so it's all Warhammer for me!

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Epic Kickstarter, Last 24 hours!

by south2012

Hey all, in case any of you love detailed miniatures and/or Lovecraftian horror cooperative games, I am posting the link to this Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diemensiongames/deep-madness/description

It is only available for the next 17 hours!

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Printable Scenery

by Printablescenery

HI, We're looking for creators to join up with us at www.printablescenery.com and sell their 3d wargame scenery creations.

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There's another group...

by garyacrowellsr

called 'Table Top Gamers', that has more members than this one. How about moving to that group, rather than have things split up?

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