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by PhysUdo

Are there any Pirate or Bandid miniatures here on thingiverse? Couldn't find any as I wanted to use some for my next campaign.

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Hero Forge

by bennalex0513

Does anyone mind buying this putting it on thingiverse and/or emailing the file to me at: [email protected]


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by LegateManius

Is there any interest in Heroscape models? I just finished uploading an Ork WAAAGH! and have been trying to judge what the community wants to see next.

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New Terrain4Print voting

by Terrain4Print

Hi guys and gals,

It's time again for a vote. What should be done next?
We have a bunch of printable trees in various sizes, a sci-fi tilesets, a modular weapon system and a shanty town.


The voting is open for a week and all patrons on $3 or more get to vote.

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Champions of Midgard

by Elcarp

I am new to the 3D printing world and have no clue how to create my own things. I am looking for either a t-bone steak or the knowledge of how to make my own to replace the wooden cubes that come with the game. Is anyone able to help me out?

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