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Support me on patreon

by Terrain4Print

Hello, I hope you are enjoying the new terrain I uploaded. As you might have seen I have switched to a patreon business model with lots of free terrain. I hope to continue that for a very long time. I humbly beg for some support on patreon. Supporting me on higher levels also means you can influence what terrain I will do.

For now I focus on terrain for the upcoming star wars legion game. Of course, it is also usable for 40k or similar.

What will I do next? Enter my patreon page and make a suggestion, they are always welcome.


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Necroplex Starter Kit

by Mugglesauce

Hey all! My kid and I have been working together this summer of a project for sci-fi terrain builders. It's a set of pieces designed to work with common building materials, like foam core and pvc pipe, to make building easier, cooler, faster, and the final pieces modular in how you use them from game to game.

Just posted a freebie kit of the most commonly used pieces, for folks to play with and send any feedback on. Happy printing!


Necroplex Starter Kit
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learning meshmixer, how do i make....

by IzMrPickel

hey guys, im working on making my own beholder and im having trouble with making the eye stocks. im using meshmixer and if anyone can point me in the right direction i would be very great full, despite how much my group may hate you for helping their dm kill them. i will have the beholder added so you can see where i have gotten. the beholder is going to be a mash up of the demagorgon from stranger things and a beholder. please help!

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Thing 50...

by mgleite


I just put my 49 "thing" here at Thingiverse and I would like to do something nice for you guys. I wanted suggestions for my number 50 thing because it's a milestone I was not thinking of achieving with my modest voxels. You can send me a private message with your suggestions. I will open the deadline until September 24 at 23:59 GMT-3

Greetings everyone

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Exploding Door/Kicked in Door

by Ralnarene

Does anybody know if a model exists for a door that is in the process of being blown up or kicked in? I know some people who are rather... rough with doors in RPGs.

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