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New Weapon Design from Officer Pack

by 3DArtGuy

Hi everyone,

I have a new weapon design that may interest tabletop players: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4558603

The chainsaw sword is part of my Officer Pack (images attached). The officer is a heroic figure to his subordinates, charging across the battlefield. With his trusty aide, they have defeated every enemy thrown against them. It includes four head variations, two sword variations and three gun variations and a diorama.

I make unique characters based on what patrons suggest and vote on. These become available as wallpapers and 3D prints exclusive to patrons!

Chainsaw Sword
chainsword cosplay cosplay_prop cosplay_weapon miniature miniatures warhammer warhammer40k warhammer_40k
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Ulvheim printing sizes for 28mm

by Gobboshaman

I'm looking to use the Ulvheim set to make scenic bases for a multibased around but I'm having trouble properly scaling them. I want them to fit on 100x80mm bases but I can't find just the right size. Has any one found the sweet spot to scale them?

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Made some awesome light up pillars and accessories for D&D! Free

by Simondoesart

Hey all, excited to share my latest build vid, some light up accessories for an asian themed D&D encounter, 28mm scale pre supported (chitubox) files in the YT description, be sure to subscribe for more!

https://youtu.be/eQxwY89LXPY Let me know what you think, cheers!

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Frogfolk Villagers Kickstarter final hours

by CuteLootMinis

We're in the last few days of our kickstarter. We've unlocked a bunch of stretch goals, and now have 24 minis available for $15!
Check it out if you like adorable frogfolk! I am really happy with how well it's doing,


You can find a sample model in my things of a frogfolk merchant.

Hope this is ok to post here, if not please remove it!

cute dnd frog frogfolk grung Kickstarter
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OpenForge 2.0 cut-stone separate wall

by mannolitto

Hi everyone,
I just created a few convenient parts that I needed myself to build external low cut-stone style walls for my OpenForge scenery.
Have a look at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4544668 and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4544299

OpenForge 2.0 Cut Stone Separate Low Wall - Gx, X, XA, XA w. door and repaired Q wall and X base
OpenForge 2.0 Cut-Stone Separate Wall VxE
OpenForge OpenForge2 RPG tabletop
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