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Remove hairspray residue from base of print (PLA)

by The_Man-Dad-lorian

Anyone have tips on how to clean up hairspray residue from the base of a PLA print? I'm using hairspray on a glass bed for adhesion. I notice when I print miniatures or tokens for board games that the base of the print is really smooth, but also bonds to other things easily. It's not sticky exactly, but just tacky enough that pieces will stick to other things they shouldn't. I've had some close calls where tokens sitting in a game box became 'stuck' to other cardboard pieces and almost damaged them.

I'm guessing the cause is hairspray residue from where the print was bonded to the bed. Wondering if there's anything I could use to remove it without damaging the base of the print... Thanks!

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Sci-Fi minis

by pbta19

Hi All - I've been GMing Alien RPG (and some Mothership) and have been making a bunch of kitbash style models for by table. Thought I share in case your'e looking for something for your game. Here's the link to my designs.



military miniatures scifi wargaming
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Looking for help for my master thesis - Online survey

by Gamzec

Hello dear community,

I need help for my master thesis. I am examining explorative behavior on Thingiverse and how it is influenced by personality traits. Therefore I generated an online questionnaire.

I would be very happy if you could take 5-10 minutes to complete my survey:

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards

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Model Scale Comparison

by tecarr

I have compiled a spreadsheet from various sources and research (Including The Miniatures Page) and various posts on this site and others. Thanks to all who contributed data, either knowingly or not.

Presented freely for your use. Note that whenever I found a "size" for a figure (such as 25mm) I assumed the eye-height convention from the sole of the boot. The "True size" mm column is for the size of a 6-ft model in that scale, overall (that is from ground to top of head).

I hope that you find it useful.

(This post replaces my previous post of the same name)

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