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Hero Forge

by GDHPrinter

Hey people! I know you guys like customizable minis, so I wanted to take a minute to share a website I have come across called Hero Forge Custom Miniatures: www.heroforge.com.

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures is a website that makes it possible to easily design custom miniatures. You can edit the proportions of the body, clothes, a base, items, mounts, and so much more. There are even dozens of poses you can do for your character. From there, you can order a 3D-printed model of them, or download for personal use. Hero Forge is the best website of its kind. It is high enough quality to be used for personal or professional projects. The models are highly adaptable, and can be used in game design, movie making, and even sculptures.

However, Hero Forge is lacking in the ability to download and externally pose your characters. Sign the petition to change this:


change.org characters customizable Hero Forge Miniatures Minis petition
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Can someone help me with this ships bow?

by GamerGorman20

I'm trying to 3D print this boat and I am having a tough time duplicating this ship's nose. Could someone whip it up real quick so I can add it to what I already got?

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LF: Alternatives to Shapeways?

by chdd

My printers in storage while I move, and I need to get a whole bunch of my Nazi-Paladin minis printed for an Educational D&D group. (A game with a similar end goal as the Wave for middle-school aged kids.) Think crushing poverty, and then allow them to join a bunch of Great-War Vets (Brown-shirts) and let them see how the noble goal of 'get everyone working again' can be corrupted by opportunistic figures.

While they printed the first lot of the minis, when I went to order the bulk of them, they cancelled the order as 'hate-speech' because the symbol is a 'hate-symbol' and refuse to refund me cause 'reasons'.

The money is a secondary concern, but I need the minis for the group. Are there any alternatives to shapeways that ship to Australia?

3d_printing_services 3rd_party shapeways
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Pit Fig Paint Guides

by kerberosproductions

for those of you who have been printing out our Pit related figs

Life of a Gamer took a crack at a couple of our figs and I thought you might like to take a look for inspiration for your own pit figs


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Looking for a Toydarian miniature

by Christian_Lajoie

I'm looking for a Toydarian miniature (Watto in Star Wars I) for my next character. Does anybody know where I can get a STL of one. I'm relatively new to the 3d printing thing and my habilities at digital sculpting are FAR from greath.
Any help would be appreciated.

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