Using BlocksCAD in the Classroom

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BlocksCAD is a web-based 3D CAD tool that uses a scratch-like interface. It is simple-to-use with robust design capabilities. The tool incorporates programming and math concepts so users learn as they create! While it is easy enough to use in an elementary school classroom, the more advances functions (like modules, variables, and loops) can challenge high school and college students. It is a great tool to help with geometry, Cartesian planes, and high level math and engineering!

For more information, see: https://www.blockscad3d.com/

If it"s anything like TinkerCad you can model anything you want, just need to think of object as it is made of bloxs or shaps. all you have to do figure out how to mod that shape to get want you want. I know in TinkerCad it matters were you start.

You definitely can model anything you want! The benefit of BlocksCAD over TinkerCAD is that it is programmatic. Therefore, you can meet some CS standards, as well as jump into STEAM projects. Rather than moving shapes by dragging and dropping, you program the dimensions of the shape and then use transforms (like translate and rotate) to move them around in a 3D space!

Great work!

Scratch + OpenSCAD = BlocksCAD = :-)

could you point me where are the translation files hidden in your github
So I could do a translation to my language.

The translation files (from within our github repository) are in the directory


each language has a .json file with strings in that language.

The qqq.json file has brief descriptions of what each string is for.

The easiest method is to make a copy of en.json (the English translation), and replace each English string with a translated string. You can submit the file as a pull request or email it to [email protected] or [email protected] Once we get the file we can do a release of the tool with the new translation.

File is almost ready, but before making the pull request, I would like to test it locally.
Unfortunately I have a little problem... On clean pull only English version works on localhost, but python does say
( "GET /BlocksCAD/backend_compressed.js HTTP/1.1" 404 )
How do I create this file? (tried blockscad_build.py but no luck)

We just pushed a new version with the updated Chinese translation. Try to do a clean pull again-- you don't actually need the missing file-- we removed it from the Ilist of files to fetch in the new version we just checked in. If you have any further questions, feel free to e-mail our developer at [email protected]! Hope this helps!

Done & pull request activated. :)
The problem was python SimpleHTTPServer. Apache was the solution.
Do you also plan to update the languages on https://www.blockscad3d.com/editor/ ?

Thanks & greetings to all BlocksCAD team!

We currently have English, French, and German. We currently have a Spanish version in the works and a Chinese/Mandarin version in the plan as well!

Wow that was fast response.
Great to hear that BlockCAD is getting really multi-language!
If possible please also use my Slovenian translation.
If you want I can try to find some people for translating to Croatian & Russian (maybe also Italian and Hungarian)

We see the Slovenian translation has been submitted to github and will try to get it on our official editor site this week. The more translations the better! Please let us know if anyone translates into Croatian, Russian, Italian, or Hungarian because we would love those too!