Tips for Printing Spheres?

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Despite my best efforts with rafts and supports, the bottoms of spherical objects always flatten and distort for me. Any tips for printing spheres?

make sure the 3D Model on the floor not party under? If that's not the problem? Then move it off the Bed and then use supports.

but what if i can't use supports, because the sphere is where i can't remove the support - maybe in an enclosed area of a mechanical part?

The best result for me was to print with 2 nozzles and using PLA that can disolve in water for the support.

I've been considering buying a dual extruder primarily to print complex objects needing supports (like bones), so I can dissolve the supports in water. Do you have some recommendations for a dual extruder? Also, are water-soluble filaments available for PLA? I had read somewhere that they only worked with ABS.

It takes an extra step, but you can print in 2 halves and glue together.

Thanks. I've seen this splitting technique with other objects. Any tricks for printing and gluing? If I print without a raft, the bottoms slightly spread and need sanding, which can mar the finish. If I print with a raft, I have little or no spread, but the halves don't quite fit flush with each other because of the small grooves between filament passes.

I print without a raft. The "bottoms slightly spreading" issue can be avoided if your Z-height is accurate and you aren't over-extruding on the first layer. However if you need to over-extrude to get good adhesion, in some slicer programs it's possible to add a negative XY offset to the first layer to compensate. It can get kind of fiddly trying to find perfect settings...

"Amazing Goop--All Purpose" is my favorite glue for 3D prints. It's very thick for filling in uneven gaps, and gets tacky enough to hold parts together in a few minutes, although it takes 24 hours to really set. Lots of options and opinions about glue though, cyanoacrylates and hot glue guns can work well.

My best results have always been from lifting it off the build plate and using extensive support, that makes the bottom consistent at least.

Sounds like a simple solution. I'll give it a try.