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I did one!

by thisismacbailey


Ecstatic to have figured it out so quickly!
I've dreamed about this, and actually have done it years ago .. back when you had to download codecs and plug-ins and hope everybody else you wanted to communicate ideas with had the exact same tech. This is a dream come true!

capsule (testing)
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*.dxf to *.stl converter (free!)

by thisismacbailey


Alexander Gessler has a free file converter that works very nicely!
Be sure to support his effort by contributing to his PayPal at least once in your life. ;D

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Seeking designers who use TurboCad 3D Modeling software

by thisismacbailey

Currently gathering a design team for upcoming projects using TurboCad.
Those familiar with this software are strongly encouraged to join in on discussions.

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