Finally... it works!

by CustomsUnlimited

About 3 months ago I purchased my BW from a friend who purchased it from a YT reviewer here in Australia. The reviewer didn't have a lot of nice things to say about the printer and commented about how it did really poor quality prints.

My friend spent some time messing around with it but he also has about 6 (no, I'm not joking!) other printers that work flawlessly, so he didn't want to spend the time with a problem machine, especially as one of his printers was a CR-10 and they are fairly comparable printers. So it gets unloaded to me as he knew I was struggling with the print volume of my A8 (I do LOVE my modified A8 though)

When it comes to time, I don't have a lot of it spare, what with running my own automotive business and my family. So, I've had the BW for about 4 months. Never ONCE got a decent print from it. My issue was always the bed levelling and Z offset. Combined with a lack of knowledge about this printer (remember it was already assembled?) it took me months of spending 5-10 minutes here and there to figure out how to calibrate this damn thing.

But I did it. Today, I stumbled across a .pdf which showed me how to do an "initial" BLTouch calibration and lo and behold, it laid down a PERFECT first layer on my test cube.

I still have to figure out what the deal is with the bed levelling. But I believe thats all to do with it where it believes the BLTouch is located compared to where it actually is. Because once it begins to measure the last row at the back of the bed, the BLT just misses the bed and consequently attempts to drive the carriage through the bed, through my desk and out the otherside of the earth.

I've managed to overcome it for the moment by waiting for it to home X and Y and then literally forcing the bed back about an inch.

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Black Widow Hot Bed

by LordPanther

ok, ive been looking around on this and not found a even a discussion.
My hot bed continuely preheats to 100c even when not set. and even if I try to set it to 0c or 60c. it wont cool down.

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Auto bed leveling issues

by security0051

Basically This printer has been a nightmare from the get go, problem after problem, first off a broken thermistor on the v4 heat bed out of the box (get err maxtemp bed imediately on power on), seller is thick as 2 short planks telling me nothing is wrong despite the fact if i plug the free one from the gift pack in that works fine.

then auto bed levelling i mean WTF?! the bltouch does its 25 point inspection gets to the rear of the bed for the last 5 and then just flys past the edge of the bed and leaves the bed completely forcing its self down? i moved the y limit stop back a little to compensate and then it just misses the front of the bed instead?

the entire thing is a bad of crap but its paid for and i could really use some help from a pro getting it sorted out, ideally someone who could team viewer into my pc and help pme correct the firmware issues etc... id even be willing to pay someone for their time and help.

im new to marlin and being told to simply reinstall the firmware means very little to me as this is my first use of andrino and have no idea how to go about it.

If anyone can help or even better is in the uk and can help it would be a god send!!

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Wires wearing down in drag chain

by ericthepoolboy

I'm having some problems with my black widow. I recently got a thermal run away error and traced the problem down to the wires that go to the heater block. It looks as though the red fabric heat sheathing wore down in certain spots from rubbing on the drag chain. And the wear continued through the silicone insulation. None of the other wires that are in the same drag chain look like they are experiencing any wear at all. Has anybody else had this problem? Is it just due to cheap wire or too much movement of the wire in the drag chain? I have six black widows and they are all showing some wear on the same wires. So I can only assume that they will also fail if I don't address this problem.

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by NuClearArrow

I am planning to make a plexi box for the printer, but I am worrying about the wires and motors.I usually print abs with 240 °C nozzle and 120 °C bed temperature. Is there any part, which can be damaged by the heat inside the enclosure?

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Firmwere and BL touch?

by Cyndernight

guys, wheres the latest firmware for the black widow and the BL touch?

and how to i connect the BL touch into the main board?

and how do i know its working?

and DONT SAY FACEBOOK! i haven't got one

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z home

by intelelectro

Hi everyone I have a black widow and have had a few problems, one last problem is the z axis home , it seems to home upwards until it hits the top of the frame but sometimes just moves up about 20mm. TEVO will not reply to my emails so I am very stuck with this problem, I have tried swapping the end stops with difference, Also have bl touch kit that I am dredding fitting. any suggestions would be great. Thanks

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TEVO Black Widow BOM?

by ratcliffe_mike

I am UK based and completely obsessed with the BW so I just have to get one but it is way beyond my budget (2 three-year-olds and a four-year-old will do that to you).

My solution is to get an up-to-date BOM (including any necessary mods) and order the parts as money becomes available.

I have a Delta printer at the moment but it seems like no matter how many changes you make it will never be as accurate as a Cartesian setup. It could be useful to print some parts though.

I generally print in PETG (SpoolWorks Edge) filament.

So the first challenge... does anybody have a full up-to-date BOM?

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by leoofthecity

HI frds i need help when ever i put filament in extruder and start printing it comes out but after few minutes it wont come out it happens in all files i think my e motor is not working properly or it not pussin the filament downwards
can anyone know about this problem

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