Auto bed leveling issues

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Basically This printer has been a nightmare from the get go, problem after problem, first off a broken thermistor on the v4 heat bed out of the box (get err maxtemp bed imediately on power on), seller is thick as 2 short planks telling me nothing is wrong despite the fact if i plug the free one from the gift pack in that works fine.

then auto bed levelling i mean WTF?! the bltouch does its 25 point inspection gets to the rear of the bed for the last 5 and then just flys past the edge of the bed and leaves the bed completely forcing its self down? i moved the y limit stop back a little to compensate and then it just misses the front of the bed instead?

the entire thing is a bad of crap but its paid for and i could really use some help from a pro getting it sorted out, ideally someone who could team viewer into my pc and help pme correct the firmware issues etc... id even be willing to pay someone for their time and help.

im new to marlin and being told to simply reinstall the firmware means very little to me as this is my first use of andrino and have no idea how to go about it.

If anyone can help or even better is in the uk and can help it would be a god send!!

Hey mate, i have the same printer, let's talk i might be able to offer you some free advice.