Wires wearing down in drag chain

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I'm having some problems with my black widow. I recently got a thermal run away error and traced the problem down to the wires that go to the heater block. It looks as though the red fabric heat sheathing wore down in certain spots from rubbing on the drag chain. And the wear continued through the silicone insulation. None of the other wires that are in the same drag chain look like they are experiencing any wear at all. Has anybody else had this problem? Is it just due to cheap wire or too much movement of the wire in the drag chain? I have six black widows and they are all showing some wear on the same wires. So I can only assume that they will also fail if I don't address this problem.

Common problem. The tight curve of the drag chain wears down all the wires. I had my cooling fan and heating element wires both break. I ended up removing the drag chain altogether and running the wires up to the top, across to the center, and just let them hang down free. Haven't had an issue since.