Finally... it works!

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About 3 months ago I purchased my BW from a friend who purchased it from a YT reviewer here in Australia. The reviewer didn't have a lot of nice things to say about the printer and commented about how it did really poor quality prints.

My friend spent some time messing around with it but he also has about 6 (no, I'm not joking!) other printers that work flawlessly, so he didn't want to spend the time with a problem machine, especially as one of his printers was a CR-10 and they are fairly comparable printers. So it gets unloaded to me as he knew I was struggling with the print volume of my A8 (I do LOVE my modified A8 though)

When it comes to time, I don't have a lot of it spare, what with running my own automotive business and my family. So, I've had the BW for about 4 months. Never ONCE got a decent print from it. My issue was always the bed levelling and Z offset. Combined with a lack of knowledge about this printer (remember it was already assembled?) it took me months of spending 5-10 minutes here and there to figure out how to calibrate this damn thing.

But I did it. Today, I stumbled across a .pdf which showed me how to do an "initial" BLTouch calibration and lo and behold, it laid down a PERFECT first layer on my test cube.

I still have to figure out what the deal is with the bed levelling. But I believe thats all to do with it where it believes the BLTouch is located compared to where it actually is. Because once it begins to measure the last row at the back of the bed, the BLT just misses the bed and consequently attempts to drive the carriage through the bed, through my desk and out the otherside of the earth.

I've managed to overcome it for the moment by waiting for it to home X and Y and then literally forcing the bed back about an inch.

I assume you aren't using a custom/compiled firmware? (Marlin bugfix-1.1.x is kinda a requirement, imo - check github.) Using the "Safe Z" probing/homing feature probes the middle of the bed only when homing Z. I've found, even with the massive bed, ABL is unnecessary - I installed a piece of glass, and went from there.

The BW isn't a beginner's printer, at all. The base electronics have little or no actual use, and the pcb/firmware it comes with is kinda rubbish. But it's got a superior heated bed, frame, and drive compared to most prusa-style printers - and is accurate - once you replace the problem electronics. (I went into it expecting this, though.) It has some caveats, e.g. homing/calibration needs to happen AT TEMPERATURE - that heated bed doesn't stay the same shape once it's hot. Purple gluestick for adhesion, and SLOW IT DOWN - I can't stress this enough - every axis on this machine is VERY HEAVY. I do recommending installing a genuine E3D v6 and nozzles, however - the TEVO one is pretty janky/inconsistent (but the geared extruder is fine).

It's a workhorse ...once you learn how to use it.

Hey! So I got the firmware up and running. Very happy now as I've been able to define what area of the bed to probe during ABL. I've never had ABL before and when I was struggling with this printer I was tempted to remove the BLT and just go back to manual leveling... I know how to use it and can use it no sweat. But, I did have my concerns over the bed size and warpage. I always level beds at temperature. Now I'm not so concerned.

I've removed the G29 from my S3D start code that was automatically there and just have the G28. Now my process is that I switch the printer on, preheat the bed for PLA or ABS and then do my autolevel. Once thats happening, (which I can now turn my back on) I prepare my file for printing.

I'm pouring through the Config.h file just to see what other tweaks I can do... without breaking it.

Glad you're up and working.

Here are my config files, in case you want to compare settings. Note, I've changed my drivers to tmc2130s - which work well, and are dramatically quieter. Changes to note would be how to treat XY bed size, to allow the probe to reach the entire table, tweaks to LCD panel behavior, volumetric support, firmware retraction - must haves, imo.

G'day mate, so I actually lost access to my CustomsUnlimited account, but this one is up and running.

I've downloaded your config file and really appreciate you sharing them. Even if I am about 3 months too late!

One of the reasons it's been so long since I came back here is because my BW had a slight mishap not long after finally getting the damn thing running.

I was plugging in the USB cable and like a idiot, I dropped the cable and it landed on the RAMPS board, wiped out the board... or so I thought. After waiting for a new one and then trying to find the time to swap them over, I find out that it wiped the drivers out as well!

So I JUST plugged in my new drivers (TMC2208s) and it worked... well... sorta. I don't have my old firmware laying around so I basically have to start from scratch again. Your files will be a massive help. Thank you.

Thanks for the info, fwiw, it’s not my first printer. It’s my 3rd but because I didn’t assemble it myself this time, I didn’t get the learning curve you normally get. Will check into the firmware. Thank you.

I live in the USA and was looking at your post. I've had my black widow for 2 years now. I never mounted or installed the BL Touch. After wasting many hours leveling the bed for every print, I need to install the BL Touch. Can you or anyone here assist me with installation, firmware upgrade, and software configuration?