Black Widow Hot Bed

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ok, ive been looking around on this and not found a even a discussion.
My hot bed continuely preheats to 100c even when not set. and even if I try to set it to 0c or 60c. it wont cool down.

Dude I think you should fresh install the software on your printer go to the Tevo Facebook page for how to get it. Also mybe double check your wire connections from the bed to the printer.

I was thinking the same thing. Update the firmware. I just wanted to hear or see if anyone else has experienced this and what they thought. The wites are fine.

Cool beans let me know if it works for yeah!!

check if your thermistor is ok and if the right one is choosen in fw.
does it show the right temperature when not heating ( about same as the nozzle, room temperature ) ?

The temp are correct within a 5 deg variance testing is both with a touch sensor and an Ir sensor. Compared to the reading on the black widow. It's not heating up to same temps as the Extruder. Just preheat to 100c, with a set point of 0. If I try to set the temp. To either something like 0c or 60c. It will cool down just a little, I'd guess maybe 6 to 8 cycle time. Then heats right back up to 100c.