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How my hope slowly decays for the LM

by Dimensium

Good day,

For the past months, i've been doing a lot of research up and around the TEVO Little Monster. I came across a great diversity of opinions about this machine. Since this community seems quite experienced about this product, allow me to share my thought process about what I found around YouTube, forums, forums, and more forums.

The printer itself has received tons of love for the frame, PSU, the heated bed (Although many have left the club early but I shall come to that later.), and the awesome size and rigid design. BUT.

  • People are going wild about the MKS SBASE v1.3(?). I've learned a lot about this board because of the complaints alone.

(Most people swap the thing for a Duet. Makes me wonder why the TEVO Engineers don't just decide to include it. Sure, it's more expensive, but look at this thing; it's already cheap for what it is!)

  • DRV 8825 was replaced by some because of multiple reasons?

  • Hotend knockoff and low quality

  • Extruder seems to need a replace as well?

  • BLTouch knockoff and needs to either be enabled, otherwise, your nozzle charges with full speed at your lovely ceramic-glass heatbed.

  • Z-axis calibration is a hassle, I've heard about the golden ratio. 0.1618. I know. And people know how to bring this up quite a lot too.

  • Salmon skin: Needs TL-Smoothers

.....Am I missing something?

You know. I really really am eager to face the complications when it comes to fixing configs so now and then or replace a part when it has turned faulty. I basically work with 3D printers at school. We actively use them for prototyping. It's about time for me, and this device is a big investment, especially with the immensely high tax the European Scamion charges. I want to start with this particular model because I absolutely like the thing itself.

But... why does it have so unbelievably many issues? I even googled if I can just buy the frame, PSU, etc. without the knock-offs and then buy the genuine parts seperately. I was eager to buy it at first but it seems like 700-900 dollars is going to become about 1300 with the duet board, new extruder, volcano hot end, tl smoothers and anything else that can go boom along the journey.

What was your total investment in this device to let it print properly? I am quite interested in your stories. Keep in mind that I am still a starter. I know the basics, but circuitry gives me headache.

Lastly, do correct me if I say something you consider incorrect. Improvement is the only result of this.

Thanks for reading.

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printer wont home

by myspilab

HI guys, my printer won't set to home heater not heating and bed not heating up. I tried to upgrade firmware same issue ...any advice?

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Just a little timelapse recording of a print

by IamNic

I recently leveled my print-bed and now I can print big parts without using multiple layers of tape to compensate for different heights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l19LjjRvwzc

The "calibration" didn't solve anything before, so I went with this solution now.

I will soon upload a how-to video on my other channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvxWACMKjZRyPlA2eJfowbQ

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PS_ON on Duet3D for PSU of LM

by DJToxica

Hello, i recently bought a Duet3D for my LM.
After reading a lot of documentation, i found out that the Duett has a PS_ON Pin to remotely control the PSU of a printer if it had such a function (like with your ATX PSU for example)

I planned to supply power to my Duet via USB, so this could be an option.
Anyone opened the PSU case and looked for a PS_ON Pin?

The alternative would be (and which i really dont like) is to wire a 5V relais to the main power switch.

I'm open for ideas ;)

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Faltering (next steps?)

by 1STerminus

So, I have made one attempt to get the printer working (printing) after achieving successful calibration and other operations (motion control, extruding filament, etc.) I made an attempt to install slicer software and do further configuration on the printer in order to prepare for printing.
I am not sure exactly what need to do from Step 1 to Step N in order to get it printing. The manual is pretty bad and I can't seem to find the information online about which tasks need to be performed to get it printing properly.

I apologize for my lack of experience I am sure this is somehow intuitive for folks who have been working with the technology any length of time. I was thinking I had chosen the wrong printer to begin with and should have built something smaller and more simple then worked up but I wanted the largest print capacity I could afford.

I suppose this is comical to contemplate and I will laugh at myself some day I am sure!

So, I use Linux mainly but have a windows 7 laptop I was using for the printer since it is still on the workbench. What configuration settings need to be changed in the LM before it can actually print. I assume something to do with where the first layer is in relation to the hot end? I guess there are some speed settings too. Do we edit the Monster.ini on the main control board (the filesystem on the microsd card?) I with I didn't have to ask all these questions, I wish the information I need to actually get it printing was in the manual. From looking at everything I've found including youtube I must be a dolt because people just seem to be printing with them without problems.

Thank you in advance for any knowledge about this procedure from end to end that you can share with me. I am sure my printer is working and put together well but I am challenged getting it printing. This is mainly due to being unsure what to do next, I guess.

  1. Task: Obtain slicing software. I chose Slic3r.
  2. Task: Configure printer. I think I have to edit Monster.ini on the main controller but am not sure.
  3. Task: Successful test print (my goal.)
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