Newest Marlin Firmware? You can haz it! (without Facebook)

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Look in the example_configurations folder for your config files:

"See example_configurations/Tevo Tarantula for other Tarantula configurations:

Small bed, BLTouch, NO SD support, EEPROM enabled
Small bed, BLTouch, SD support, EEPROM enabled
Small bed, NO bed autolevel, SD support, EEPROM enabled
Large bed, NO bed autolevel, SD support, EEPROM enabled"

Thanks to JIm...I'm just linking to his work.

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Does Tarantula-04 work with dual extruder? I remember trying a version and the second hot-end did not work - kept giving a temperature error - thing was it was not heating up. Probably a Pin problem. Went back to Repetier and it worked.

I tried this and I dunno if I did something wrong as I'm brand new to this, but after flashing to my motherboard, I powered up printer and checked out the new marlin menu.....I noticed that it is configured for the Ramps 1.3 board......I have the ramps 1.4 board, so I powered everything down right away just incase.
I then went into i.d.e environment to change the board to the ramps 1.4 but when I input the name for the proper board and run verify, it comes back with an error about the name of the board. (I don't have it in front of me currently but will get it if need be.)
Any ideas what to do?
Also, I have an old board that came with marlin on it, but I fried a couple drivers on it....I am wondering how I can open that board to get all the setting off of it, so I can copy them to my new board?
Thanks a ton! I'm afraid to turn my printer on now with the wrong board name loaded on motherboard.

Does anybody have a configuration for dual extruder and large bed?

Can somebody please explain how to use this link? Not everyone is familiar with GitHub or what all that gibberish means,

Which files to download (all?)
Where to find the example configurations?
How to upload to the printer?

Any links to step-by-step instructions?

After a lot of searching and watching videos, I've managed to update the firmware in my Tarantula. It's pretty hard to find a complete set of instructions that assume you know nothing, so here's what I know now. Hopefully someone else will find this useful.

This video is very helpful with the process, if you prefer a visual demonstration: https://youtu.be/P4W0UI9r6pI
I have assumed you're using Windows - most of the instructions will also apply to Mac and Linux, with only minor differences.

a) Download and install the Arduino IDE software. Some say the latest version will work, but others say you get errors unless you use the older 1.6.8 version. You can find that here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/OldSoftwareReleases#previous

b) Download the Marlin firmware itself from the Github link in the first post in this thread. Use the green download button on the right, and use the "download as a Zip option." Keep this webpage handy, you'll need to refer to it again.

c) Once the firmware is downloaded, unzip all the files into a folder where you can find them easily, and then open that folder. Inside, there's a few files, and a couple of folders too. Open the "Marlin" folder, and you'll find a large list of files and single "example_configuration" folder. This folder contains custom configurations for various different types of printers - look for the Tevo Tarantula one, and open it. You'll see there are 4 different numbered folders, which each contain "configuration.h" and "configuration_adv" files.

Select the folder that best describes your Tarantula model - open the Github page again, and scroll down to see what the 4 different configurations are. Mine was Tarantula-04: Large bed, NO bed autolevel, SD support, EEPROM enabled.
(Note: selecting the exact right one is not the end of the world - you can change this again later to enable extra features. Just get the one that's closest to your setup for now)

Copy the 2 files in the folder that matches your printer, and paste them into the main Marlin folder. You will prompted to over-write the existing files; accept this, you want these new ones.

d) Switch off and unplug your printer from mains power. For this operation, your printer's electronics will be powered by the USB cable.

Plug your USB cable into the motherboard of your printer, and plug it into your PC. You should see a couple of lights on the motherboard, and Windows will hopefully automatically install a couple of drivers. This might take 1 minute or so.

e) Open Control Panel > Device Manager in Windows - you should see a list of different categories of devices. Your printer should appear as "USB Serial Port (COM2)" or similar. Take note of the COM port number. If you can't identify which device is your printer, unplug your USB cable from the printer and see which one disappears. Plug it back in to make it re-appear (this can take a few seconds).

f) Launch the Arduino IDE program you installed earlier. Go to the Tools menu and Select Board; a list of different Arduino boards will be displayed. Select the "Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560" option. You also need to set the port from the Tools menu - select the COM port you discovered in the previous step.

g) Go to the File menu, select Open and navigate to the Marlin folder you unzipped earlier. Select the "Marlin.ino" file and open it.

You should see a window with a lot of code, and a lot of tabs along the top. These are each of the configuration files that make your printer work the way it should, and most of them shouldn't be altered in any way unless you know what you're doing.

We've already configured Marlin to work with the Tarantula by providing custom Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files, so there's only one setting that really needs attention.

h) Select the Configuration.h tab at the top of the window to open it. In particular, if you have mounted your Y motor on the rear left side of the printer (when viewed from front) you may need to edit the #define INVERT_Y_DIR from "true" to "false." If your motor is mounted on the rear right, this value should be "true."

If you want to learn more about what all this code means, you can do that here: https://youtu.be/3gwWVFtdg-4
Otherwise, you can just move on to the next step.

i) At the top of of the Arduino IDE window, select the Upload button. The software will compile all of the configuration files, verify that they're valid, and then push them to your printer. This process can take a few minutes, so be patient and watch the progress meter. Wait until the software says "upload complete" in the bottom corner, and the blue light on the printer stops flashing. You can then remove the USB cable from your printer.

j) Plug your printer into mains power and turn it on. The lights should work as normal, and "Marlin" should appear on the LCD display.

k) On the printer, go to Prepare and select "Home all axis." Be ready to hit the emergency stop button below the LCD dial control, or unplug the printer, if any of the axis move in the wrong direction. If they do, you can reconnect your printer to the PC, edit the Configuration.h files to invert or un-invert the appropriate axis, and then re-upload the firmware again.

l) Once your machine is correctly homing, you're ready to print again.

I actually found a similar page to the original one, which either currently went down or got deleted:
However, it does not have the green "download" button on the right. Can someone please help me get to the appropriate page that I can follow these instructions with?

I think the page you're looking for is this one, which does have the green download button....

And did/does this work for dual extruders?

The firmware is designed to be used with all hardware configurations of the Tarantula. You just have to make the appropriate changes to the configuration.h file.

Thanks so much, you are a lifesaver! Amazing how-to!

Great job dear.
Thank you for your time & efforts:)

Try this forum for detailed answers ......


Thanks jazzcat007

Happy Printing :D