Switch E0 to E1

extruder Firmware

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I'm trying to switch my extruder to E1 because the extruder overheats immediately when in E0. I've switched E0 and E1 in pins_RAMPS.h like I've seen in other forum posts, but that isn't working.

Do I have to change anything in configuration.h? What are all the steps to switching?

I'm currently using Jim Brown's Marlin config.

EDIT: I've used M302 S1 to test my stepper motor on E0 and that is working fine. It's the E0 heater cartridge port that has a short and always has voltage. New question: is there any way I can disconnect that E0 port? Bc now it's always putting out unneeded power.

have you got a dropbox?
if you have put
you marlin file in it , and i will take a look for you
or copy a file on to here
must chang marlin before u start moving ports
you never know wot they have setup to do ?
ps wot extruder have you got to get the right stepping config........std 100or titin 376.14 steps

So y'all think it's the stepper motor?

Bc I'm thinking it's the E0 port that connects the heater cartridge. There is always voltage there and there's a blue light (D3 by Q4) that doesn't go off.

i would look at motor 1st ,swap with another
dont go and put a fucked motor in a good port
when u turn on the main board . u can reed the volts.
on all stepper ports
look at the vid to see how
ps check wire colors in the right order on stepper motors
good luck

before you swap its best to check why its over heating ?
if you put another motor into e1 does that over heat?
if so then check stepper driver volts , 8.30 is about norm setting ,10.00 is about the max setting any higher , thing get very hot
https://youtu.be/kkjwOxDSCiQ heres a vid on how to do that .
ps if u have a look at his other vids , they will help alot,
good luck

Should be pointed out normal voltage is 1v
In the video the multimeter was only on the 2v range and the voltage on the board started at 0.83 or shown as .83

10v will quickly make things go bad.

sorry that wot i ment and that why i siad look at the vid
did it help

sounds to me u need to adjust the voltage on the stepper driver . to much and they will over heat