Which Couplings are the Best for Tevo Tarantula Z-Axis?

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Due to the upgrades I've added to my Tarantula's carriage, the weight seems to have stretched the default Z-axis coupling. I'm looking at this rigid coupler on Amazon but I'm not sure this is a good choice. What do you guys/gals think? If no, what would you suggest?

I am running the no-sand oldham coupler, so any out-of-straight in the rod should be taken out by that, no?

Tevo Tarantula no-sanding bearing "oldham"

I just inverted my Z and now that goofy spring doesn't stretch. I had installed the lower HD brackets though, so I had to remix one to fit the stepper motor. The only extra part I needed was a pillow bearing, which luckily was on Amazon so I didn't have to wait months for it. To keep the stepper on top of the machine, Z needs to be re-worked so the rod is suspended completely by bearings so that the coupling isn't being stretched


Tevo Tarantula HD Bracket with inverted Z motor mount

That seems to be the general consensus around here ;) I need to get it fixed good enough right now to print new parts, though, so... I'm going to print a solid coupler like the one on Amazon and see how that works for a while. I think these are the brackets that I have. I may do that to mine this spring.

Tevo Tarantula Brackets

I would recommend :

a) Inverting Z-motor so its on the base instead of at the top of the gantry

b) "Spider jaw coupler" - I much prefer these to the flexible ones supplier with the Tarantula : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5mm-to-8mm-Flexible-jaw-spider-coupler-stepper-motor-shaft-coupling-5-8mm-Diameter-20mm-Length/32760819819.html

c) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2480577 - EZgimbal

Hope this helps :)

Tevo Tarantula EZGimbal

I was thinking about the inverted setup, but I'll have to look into that some to figure out how / what needs to be done. That gimbal... I'm going to have to study that. I like the roundness - less likely to catch on the frame and defeat it's purpose. The spider jaw is a good option if/when I go inverted, but for right now... I need to get this printing reliably like it is before I can print any more upgrades.

Thanks for the info!