Tevo Owners Discord

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I've been looking for a discord channel, I have not been able to find one with more than 5-6 members however. So I figured I would make my own. I think we would benefit from a place to help each other in real time. It's pretty bare right now but I'm willing to give this a shot or pass the mantle later on if I feel its right. Of course if there happens to be a group for Tevo printers I am unaware of pay this no mind and let me know about it.
I'm an idiot and used the wrong kind of link with limited uses, this one should be unlimited:https://discord.gg/cwGxYyw

I run r/tevotarantula . I seen your post there on it. I meant to tell ya if your serious about doing it I'll plug it on the sub. I thought about making one many times. I definitely do not want to take the time to run one of those. I barely got enough time to do what I am doing now. But you gotta MOD the hand that feeds if I push it :-) . Also I may need a Discord for the Tersa printer. Undecided on this yet. Maybe you can help me. But close to release im going to make an attempt to cannibalize the community and move the infobase/everyone over to a different sub. ...Which another proper discord may come in handy if you want to help.

Hi, we have an active Discord here https://discord.gg/f8uSY54

It's not tevo-specific, but pretty much everyone there owns a tevo.

Come check it out. :)