X and Y inverted?

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So I completed my first successful print which was a standard calibration cube only to discover the Z printed backwards?!? (It looks like a rigid S) I beilve this means both the X and Y axis are inverted (I have double checked the model and the Z is in the proper direction) but I'm not sure why. I am currently running Marlin 1.4.4 and I was wondering if I need to change a line or two of code there or if I simply have the wiring of my board wrong. Any help is appreciated and thank you in advanced.

Check you have the Y-motor installed at proper side. By design, it should at left, i.e. wires should go around Y rail. You can simply change settings in the firmware.
When homing, the nozzle should be at the left front side (i.e. the bed should be moved backward)
But it is strange. If some axis is moving in the wrong direction, that means the endstop could not be hit, therefore homing process should fail.
Another possible solution - you've mixed up X and Y axes, then all your print would be not only "mirrored" but also turned 90 degrees. But in this case, endstops could work as should.

You can check if your motors are moving in the correct direction. Just home all the axis, then use the LCD to first move X...it should move to the right. Then move Y, it should move the bed forward, and Z well it should move up.

If that works, it is probably your slicer. Are you using Cura? Sometimes it has "Invert X axis" or "Invert Y axis" selected, and this mirrors the model on that axis.

Huh, so I have figured out that it is only my x axis which is inverted. I do use Cura and the model is not mirrored there. Admittedly, I could just mirror every print in the x direction before printing but I would like to figure out why this is happening and create a more permanent fix. At first I thought I had my motor on the wrong side which I assumed could be fixed in Marlin but the printer homes to the back left corner and when I use the interface to direct the x axis to move positive it moves to the right. This implies to me that the printer understands which way is positive and therefore the motor is moving in the correct direction. I have used Cura before for different printers and haven't had a problem with the x axis being inverted. I'm completely stumped as to what could be causing the prints to be inverted in the x direction.

After Home All the nozzle should be at FRONT LEFT. If it is back left then you have your Y-axis inverted.