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Tutorials, parts and other infos for TEVO Tarantula

Best is to join the owners community here on fb - really helpfull people & pics of prints: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TEVO.3dprinter.owners/


-> Where to buy the printer?

Recommended is to buy direct at the producer - links and different version here: http://pastebin.com/38FnD9F4

-> Tutorials

There are in general 2 build video available (02/2016). Soon there will be one available in German too. So download the 2 pics here for zooming in plus look at videos linked down.

TEVO printed tutorial: http://imgur.com/a/IMw9R


-> Videos

Build video by ArcadED (best of all):

TEVO original (no audio):


-> Addons & parts to print


-> Firmware

An updated community firmware can be found in File section of "TEVO Tarantula Owners" group on fb (link above).

-> Replacments list


More coming soon!

Can I get you to add r/tevotarantula on reddit? Things are quite a bit more organized there and upgrades are curated. Better all around source of information vs the facebook group just not as large.

That facebook group is a joke. People get booted out if they don't agree with the admins. Even on simple crap. Stay away..

They banned me for posting a picture of me upgrading my Prusa mk2 to a Mk3.. like next day i couldnt find page when i had a question. I cant see them anywhere or contact them for the reason of the ban.

Order only directly from AliExpress. Order only the basic printer every else is cheaper to buy separately on eBay or AliExpress, anyway you will need to add improvements found here and printed on your own printer...

Never get the Auto-Level option it is a total ripoff (too much for nothing).
The Flex option is just the metal part, you will need to add a stepper motor if you do not want to have to move it between the normal one.
The Flex the larger bed or dual options are too expensive for alternatives found elsewhere, or found here better designed.

Thru AliExpress you can always open a dispute if something go's wrong.
The response times are slow, and expect communication issues.

does it run on 24 volt or 12

Is there a FAQ place for us new Tarantula owners? It seems like somewhere there should be a User Guide for people crazy enough to purchase a 3D printer that is a hundred parts! I look at videos and some help, others create more questions. They mostly assume a level of knowledge I do not have. Should we put a glass plate on the bed? Most videos show a glass bed. Something outlining the path from design to print and where the LCD settings and slic3r settings come in

i was lucky to Purchase Tevo tarantula prusa i3 from 3dprinterkart dot com , when the printer price was too low compared to aliexpress .

Hey guys I got a tarantula 3D printer and I can't get a good print to save my life nozzle is running 210 and bed is 65 running pla bed Is level the nozzle keeps clogging and the extruder keeps slipping on the gear

Tud valaki segíteni? Nem indul az extruder motor. Talán egy switch kell az alaplapra?

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I have purchased the dual extruder with autolevel to the recommended one (direct producer above). I'm exchanging some email with him. When trouble will be closed, i will post here my story...


What was the story around the trouble you had? can you pleas share...

Did you get this printer up and running as expected?

Yes, no problem ^^

can somebody post the updated firmware as i do not have or want a facebook account.thanks

Does a larger bed/build area increase machine size (ie. LxWxH)?

The large bed is 200 x 200 x 280 and the reg bed is 200 x 200 x 200

Hi everyone , I have found this website , but is it legit : http://tevo3dprinterstore.com/ ? I also have found the aliexpress page , but it is way more expensive than this one , and I don't know if it is the real one. I am also mailing to the Aliexpress page. Love that printer.

I purchase from 3D Printers Bay for the good deal and shipped from the Original Tevo . You can trust this site as it accepts Payment through PayPal. All the Options at one place.
3dprintersbay dot com

Anybody try this direct website? Doesn't have the choice of the proxy sensor for leveling.

I would order via Aliexpress, you have a protection as buyer - Links you can find above (direct from producer what is recommended). I will too update them now to have all links listed with all versions above.

Just updated all links above - you can find now all different versions selling direct from TEVO. Also join the fb group - awesome people.

Thanks. But I still don't see one with the dual upgraded v6 extruders, large print bed, and auto level sensor. Can you help me out on this?

Also is it possible to print in polycarbonate on these?


I would not order from them - this reseller fucked up too many orders in past, so i would recommend to buy only from the producer direct. I would anyway order the Auto-Level Sensor at Aliexpress for 3USD and take a different one (8mm) what can messure through the glass. The dual extruder you find too on my links above... so if buy the sensor extra you can save money ;-)

i just ordered from them and am regretting it. . . .stuck in a headache trying to either get my printer or my money back.

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From the reseller or TEVO in geneal?

With TEVO I find all good - you have just buy direct from them. There were thousands shipped and as far I can say the producer is superb (for a chinese company) compared to some really premium ones. I think best in your case is to join the Tarantula fb owners group - over 8k owners there, high knowledge and they helped really everyone to get the machine running. Like on any product there can parts fail but I think it is also not more than other large brands have, Really join that fb group - TEVO support guys are too there!

From the 3dprintersonlinestore link above. . . . But Tevo were lacking in the technical support department. I messaged them about a busted heat bed and here i am a year later and many "oh we will send one" emails and no heated bed.

I ordered from them, no problems other than some defective parts.

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I would suggest the large bed - sensor can be bought way cheaper at other sellers. You can find the different versions with links on fb owners group description. Will update that later too here!