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Printer control box boots to a blank BUT LIT screen.

by Glenn37216

Just built this thing and was able to move all axes to check for loose parts. Re-booted the control box and I now get this image.-A blank but lit lcd screen. I've adjusted the brightness... but still no boot screen.

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Strange Artifact (Possible under extrusion)

by Morgul

I'm running into a problem I can't solve. I'm having under-extrusion on some layers. These appear to be the exact same layer across all parts. In the photos I've included, you can see several rather bad layers, but towards the bottom there's on that lines up with another piece printed at the same time (Second photo).

This looks like under extrusion, but I checked my steps/mm on the extruder, and it was dead on. I'm not sure it's heat-creep, because I've printed some tall things, and at no point has it stopped or gotten really patchy, even.

I really want to get this figured out because it's the last big artifact I'm dealing with after putting a set of smoothers on, and upping the y axis vRef to 0.95v.

extrusion_issues tevo_tornado
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Got my Tevo Tornado last night...

by DivePADI

Two lessons learned.

A) Heat the bed up to 110 to pull off the test print that comes on the bed. Nearly gashed my wrists with the scraper and spent an hour and a half scraping it off. Research afterwards indicated heating the bed to be the best solution. I tested this with the spool holder that came on the card. I am installing my glass in the morning lol

B) You can NOT manually spin the extruder until the hotend gets to temperature. This is unlike my other two printers which allow you to use the extruder so you can guide the filament into the bowden tube and throat.

Bonus lesson: if you install glass, add in a Z stop extender AND install a heat bed wire stabilizer.

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Printer developed and issue where rings are now showing up

by mw817502

I am having a new issue with my 2018 gold Tevo Tornado where at certain heights a ring is happening and it is like a raised bump all around the prints. This has not always been an issue and I am not sure what the cause of it is, is there anyone else that has had an issue like this?

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MKS Base 1.4 / TEVO Tornado Firmware 1.1 / Sourcecode needed

by netsteven

Hello, i have a Problem with my A13 Port(E0/Hotend NTC) because it shows always a Temp of 60 C. I think the port ist damaged all other Parts are working fine. Because only 1 hotend nozzle is in use i will change the Ports A13(E0) and A15(E1) in the Source (simple in the .h File so i had it).
I would download the Source from TEVO but there is only the latest Versin for "MKS GEN-L" available.
Has anyone this source or can telll me how to get it ( NO Facebook available).

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