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Pauses halfway into the print

by Rulo360

Recently my printer pauses and turns off the hotend temperature randomly, this occurs at about 30min to 3 hrs into the print. Printer screen displays the message "Click to Resume Print". It also pauses at a different layer height each time, hard to pinpoint something directly on the Gcode...

Anyone having the same issue?

hotend_cooling marlin_firmware pause-mid-print tevo_tornado
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New to the Tevo Tornado

by redstonemakes

Hello! I have just bought a Tevo Tornado 2018 Gold edition. Before it arrives in the mail, is there anything that I should know before I start using it? Any tricks or tips? Wondering so I can avoid any mistakes.

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Strange Artifact (Possible under extrusion)

by Morgul

I'm running into a problem I can't solve. I'm having under-extrusion on some layers. These appear to be the exact same layer across all parts. In the photos I've included, you can see several rather bad layers, but towards the bottom there's on that lines up with another piece printed at the same time (Second photo).

This looks like under extrusion, but I checked my steps/mm on the extruder, and it was dead on. I'm not sure it's heat-creep, because I've printed some tall things, and at no point has it stopped or gotten really patchy, even.

I really want to get this figured out because it's the last big artifact I'm dealing with after putting a set of smoothers on, and upping the y axis vRef to 0.95v.

extrusion_issues tevo_tornado
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Z axis eccentric spacer issue

by Draconian

Hello I recently received my Tornado and I am having a couple of issues the main problem is I cannot adjust the eccentric spacers enough to get a good connection with the side rails, all nuts and bolts are tight so I am at a loss. I have ordered some more spacers to see if that is theproblem but does anyone here have any ideas??

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Replacement 40mm fan extremely loud

by Coat

Hi there

Cause my old fan for cooling the hot-end getting a little noisy, I replaced it with another 24V 40mm fan (see picture and don't buy it) which looks exactly the same from the outside. This new fan is extremely loud with a very annoying high pitch and it blows to strong which causing problems with the print quality I think.
Does anybody has a good solution? or a tip for a good replacement fan? without change to 12 volt if possible.
Re-using the old original one is unfortunately not an option.

Update 10-sep-2018: the following fan is the right (and silent!) one and from the same manufacturer as the original one on the Tornado: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Axialluefter-40x40x10mm-24V-0-1A-Fan-Cooler-3D-Drucker-Axial-Luefter-40mm-4010S-/332402860752
It's working great.

Update 13-sep-2018: For the 24v blower-fan I found this very cheap and by the looks original replacement on Aliexpress (around €/$ 6.- for two):
I ordered them to be prepared but didn't receive them yet, so I am not 100% sure.

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