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Tornado green

by Coat

Hi there

Does anybody knows a filament which color is close to the Tornado green? Tried several filaments from nuclear to pearl green, well these filaments are green but...

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pneumatic connector

by C0lin

Hi there, I'm not sure witch connectors are used in the tevo tornado, are they the PC4-01 pneumatic connectors ?
thanks for the help !

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Direct Drive Adapter Mount

by 3D_Now

Hi! I wanted to convert my Tornado to direct drive so it would be easier to print TPU and other materials. Here is the file if anybody wants to convert their printer to direct drive as well. Thanks!


Tevo Tornado Direct Drive Adapter Mount
by 3D_Now
direct_drive tevo tevo_tornado
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Z offest

by viol8r67

Does anyone know how to add the z offset option on my tornados co trolls screen? I am having an issue with the nozzle going from a 0 home to 0.3 and off the bed so high I get squiggles. Thanks in advance.

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dimensions of Y axis

by otto22

Hi All,

while i'm waiting on my Tornado to turn up, I thought I would build an enclosure.
Can someone let me know the Y axis front to back with bed moved to both limits please?

I've got a Anet A8 which I made an enclosure with the Ikea Lack tables, but these are to small to use.


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