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Printer developed and issue where rings are now showing up

by mw817502

I am having a new issue with my 2018 gold Tevo Tornado where at certain heights a ring is happening and it is like a raised bump all around the prints. This has not always been an issue and I am not sure what the cause of it is, is there anyone else that has had an issue like this?

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MKS Base 1.4 / TEVO Tornado Firmware 1.1 / Sourcecode needed

by netsteven

Hello, i have a Problem with my A13 Port(E0/Hotend NTC) because it shows always a Temp of 60 C. I think the port ist damaged all other Parts are working fine. Because only 1 hotend nozzle is in use i will change the Ports A13(E0) and A15(E1) in the Source (simple in the .h File so i had it).
I would download the Source from TEVO but there is only the latest Versin for "MKS GEN-L" available.
Has anyone this source or can telll me how to get it ( NO Facebook available).

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TMC2208 Y-axis problems

by MikeyDubbs519

So I have recently installed TMC2208 drivers on the x, y, and z axis. But the Y axis is giving me troubles. During fast movements, it will vibrate and make an odd noise. I followed the RuiRaptor videos on youtube for doing so. I have also flashed Marlin 1.1.9 and made sure the drivers were set to the appropriate ones that i am using. This type of noise was not present with the stock drivers (although stock was louder obviously). And yes my belts are tight, and i have a bit more voltage going to the Y axis due to the much heavier weight.

Any help would be appreciated.

Marlin problem stepper stepper_motor tevo_tornado TMC2208 upgrade
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My tornado has temperature and overall glitches

by Swayle

It's been a few months since i have my Tevo Tornado and it worked really well but a couple days ago, i had a huge problem.
The temperature display isn't right and its showing approximative temperature, constantly changing making it unable to print because it can't stay on a steady temperature.
Plus, the home axis button and overall axis controls don't do what they should do and act strangely
On the display, the X, Y and Z are alternating between "0" and "?"
I'm putting some photos so you can see what i'm talking about(actually its between 18 and 20 degrees celcius in the room)
Sorry for my bad english it's not my main language

Help tevo tevo_tornado
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Octolapse Settings for Tevo Tornado 2018

by 3DWelshman

Hey there,

I am wondering if anybody has settings for the Tornado that work with Octolapse.
While I am able to manage to get timelapses, I cannot seem to get the timing of the extruder head and when the camera takes a snapshot down. This of course leaves us with a timelapse that gives you a headache because the bed is moving back and forth the entire time. I just want a fixed shot .

If anybody has been successful, please post your printer profile settings here and how long of a delay you set your camera to. Also, if you needed to add to your start gcode.
Much appreciate.

OctoLapse Octoprint tevo_tornado
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