Printer control box boots to a blank BUT LIT screen.

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Just built this thing and was able to move all axes to check for loose parts. Re-booted the control box and I now get this image.-A blank but lit lcd screen. I've adjusted the brightness... but still no boot screen.

I just found this post, and I had the same problem. Did you find a solution, or do you need to power it on via USB? Thanks.

Try plugging it into a PC via the USB. Once it boots, you can unplug it.

IT BOOTS PERFECT BY USB ! But goes into a blank blue screen when booting via power switch. Why is that?

It's a known issue. I don't know the cause. Mine started doing it after a firmware upgrade and randomly fixed itself after a few days.

Just turn on the printer, plug it into the PC, printers boots, unplug it from the PC, profit...

Ah ... hopefully a future firmware upgrade will fix it... until then I'm happy to do the usb boot method. Thanks a bunch kencam...you got me to my first print finally. :}

happy I could help