Got my Tevo Tornado last night...

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Two lessons learned.

A) Heat the bed up to 110 to pull off the test print that comes on the bed. Nearly gashed my wrists with the scraper and spent an hour and a half scraping it off. Research afterwards indicated heating the bed to be the best solution. I tested this with the spool holder that came on the card. I am installing my glass in the morning lol

B) You can NOT manually spin the extruder until the hotend gets to temperature. This is unlike my other two printers which allow you to use the extruder so you can guide the filament into the bowden tube and throat.

Bonus lesson: if you install glass, add in a Z stop extender AND install a heat bed wire stabilizer.

Use acetone to remove the glue. For mine, the green came off but left all the glue there...

when I removed the 'sticker' I used eucalyptus oil to remove the glue, worked a treat and had a 'nice' smell for a print or two afterwards

You can turn the extruder wheel when you swich of the servos ..

you can pull filament by pressing the lever at the extruder..