Marlin v 1.1.9 upgrade

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Marlin v 1.1.9 upgrade. I've had my TEVO TORNADO for the last week.

The first thing I did was to replace the 512ng SD Card with as SanDisk Ultra 32gig SD Card.

Next I ordered 3 Trinamac TMC2808 and one LV8729. To replace the stock Stepper Drivers. Possably I should have ordered TMC2130's but the ones that I ordered should work fine.

I would like to upgrade the firmware in my Green Grimlin to Marlin v 1.1.9. What came in my printer was Marlin v 1.1.

I was told that I could find the marlin v 1.1.9 in either the facebook "TEVO TORNADO OWNERS GROUP", or from Tevo.

In the owners group, files section, I did find a a firmware upgrade file, but upon opening it in arduano, I can find nothing that says the version, or if it has been modified to the TEVO TORNADO.

I have already d/l the firmware upgrade from Marlin, but I do not know what I have to change, to make it work.

If anyone knows what is needed, I would appreciate the help very much.

Thank You.

Made on an Objet 500 at work.