My tornado has temperature and overall glitches

Help tevo tevo_tornado

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It's been a few months since i have my Tevo Tornado and it worked really well but a couple days ago, i had a huge problem.
The temperature display isn't right and its showing approximative temperature, constantly changing making it unable to print because it can't stay on a steady temperature.
Plus, the home axis button and overall axis controls don't do what they should do and act strangely
On the display, the X, Y and Z are alternating between "0" and "?"
I'm putting some photos so you can see what i'm talking about(actually its between 18 and 20 degrees celcius in the room)
Sorry for my bad english it's not my main language

Everything goes wrong at the same time, that can not be a coincidence there is a glitch somewhere. This is what I should try:
-Unplug the printer and let it rest for a few minutes. Try again, you never know.
-Connect it to a computer and try again. It helps with a blank screen, so worth a try.
-Check all the cables on the printer and unplug, clean and replug them.
-Check all the cables in the control box unplug, clean and replug (of course power cable unplugged)
-If that doesn't help reflash the firmware (see the manual).

First thanks for your reply.
I had already double checked all the connections and replugged them.
I also changed the firmware twice but nothing.
But something came to my mind : before this problem, last thing i did was raising a bit the Y axis stepper motor's voltage(in the control box) because i've experienced layer shifting on my Y axis and i remember seeing a spark when miscontacting something with my multimeter's probes.
So i've checked and indeed it's my Y axis who doesn't work at all, After re checking the connection I think that somthing burned in the MKS base V1.6 due to my misprobing so i've ordered a new one
Il'' let you know when recieving and installing the new board .

I was going to reply that it was the MKS base, because a very similar thing happened here on my printer, but it just killed itself. I ordered an MKS 1.0, but got MKS 1.4, but I still got it working through the firmware.