Print quality

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Hey guys I've been loving the tornado for the most part except that up and getting some funny prints only on certain types of files - Even if they have the exact same slicer settings.
Please check out the photos all of these eggs have the exact same slicer settings. Some of them are great summer terrible.

My personal opinion would be to calibrate your steps for your extruder (guides for this are all online) and another possible cause could be a partially clogged nozzle. The tornado takes some tuning but can be a great machine.

another thought on possible causes is not dry filament, ie possibly the first two photos were printed with filament that had been out of the dry storage bag for too long, and the prints in the third photo are when the filament was fresh

This can be a good starting point to resolve printing-problems: https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/#blobs-and-zits.

Better/other filament can also make a big difference on challenging prints like this.

Ok I'll try better filament. I've looked at the guide a bunch before but normal prints turn of great..