Does the screen TFT35 E3 v3.0 fit?

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Does anyone knows if the BIGTREETECH TFT35-E3 V3.0 fits the brainbox of the Tornado?
Layout of the E3-version (Ender 3) looks the same, but is it?

For others/future reference - No, it does not without modifications.
The encoder wheel is off position that prevents it from seating correctly and the SD card/USB slots are on the wrong side.
Having said that, it's easily fixable with a drill, you just have to drill out a hole slightly higher and to the left of the current encoder hole and it fits nicely.
I just fit the TFT35 E3 v3 into my Tornado (Gold version/v2) with a SKR-2.revB board.
I also placed two washers under the screws to recess the screen slightly as some people have complained that metal touching the screen can make it unresponsive.
For the SKR-2 board, you can also dremel out the USB connector on the board to make a little more room (though you don't need to, its just tight) and make a slot for the microSD card - works like a treat!
EDIT - Added photos

I am looking at possibly upgrading my tornado with the Skr 1.4 or 2.0 with the tft35 screen and am wondering if the screen fits in the enclosure. Did it work out for you?

In the end i did a bigger overhaul and get rid of the separate brainbox and did use the normal tft35. So i am still not sure.

It should