Extruder Spring

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Hi all.

Where can i buy a replacement extruder/filament feeder spring?

I recommending you change extuder with 'Dual Drive Extruder'. i.e) bondtech extruder or copy

My extruder was broken(lever) and replace extruder with above, then i'm free for under extrusion, retraction error.

that is a direct drive bowden type extruder, the tevo original is a e3d titan clone GEARED extruder, due to the difference between geared and direct extruder you will need to alter the E steps for the firmware
there are geared dual gear extruders eg bondtech bmg (and clones)
when printing the main difference between geared and direct drive extruders is the geared tend not to have visible pulses in the molten plastic, while this can be beneficial with transparent/translucent filaments on decorative items, it can also cause problems

Argh, sounds too complicated for me. Thanks anyhow.

there are some ways to do this, one by recompiling the firmware, or 2by sending the needed gcodes, or 3 choosing an extruder that has the same gearing as the titan ie 3 to 1 eg the bmg geared extruder or another titan clone

Got a replacement spring, but could not find an adjustment screw.

the spring was a little bigger, but it has fitted in with a bit of wriggling around. it seems very tight, but my current thing is printing ok.

One issue was the white silicone tube that comes off from the extruder.

I had to pull the silver connector off it, and now it wont securely hold the tube.

I have wrapped some silicone tape tightly around it and it seems to be holding ok.

the teflon tube connector (at the hotend (on top of the heatsink on the 'X' carriage)) is the only silver fitting (at least for my green 2018 version)(some versions of the titan extruder have a pneumatic connnector on the output of the extruder( size is rc4 m10)), the fitting is a pneumatic rc4 to m10 and screws in to the top of the heatsink, there are several qualities of the fitting told apart by the colour of the press down ring that the tube goes through,( the cheapest and most likely to break is the blue ring, black rings in my experience do not break nor do the metal rings) and it is CRITICAL that the tube does not move even a 100th of a mm while printing sd the tube goes down the heatsink through the heatbreak and into the heatblock and butts against the nozzle, if there is ANY gap between the teflon tube and the nozzle you will be getting jams and other problems

Oh, no the hotend end is fine.

Like i said, i could NOT get a good grip at the other end.

However it WAS held in, it was SOLID.

Seems to have printed ok.

Thank you VERY much for you patience and help. I appreciate it!

the correct model for the extruder end pneumatic fitting is a rc4 m10 pneumatic (preferably with a black or metal ring)

think i will leave it unless someone can point me directly to one on Banggood or Aliexpress.

I am pretty new to 3D printing.

Thanks though.


Sorry to bother you again.

I can't seem to find any info on HOW to fit the white tube into the silver connector. Is it just a push fit and that black ring thing secures it?

how I use the pneumatic fittings is
1 push in the ring to the the rest of the fitting(and while holding the ring in,
2 insert the tube into the hole in the middle of the ring, and push the tube as far as possible into the ring and fitting,
3 release the ring and attempt at moderate (definitely NOT full) strength to pull the tube out if the tube does not move it is then correctly set up.
if the tube pulls out then 1 you either used too much strength, or have a faulty fitting.
the black ring is a control lever for the grip mechanism inside the fitting(basically little thin metal teeth that the ring pushed down (away from the tube)))

Thanks. Are either of these BETTER than the standard one supplied?

as far as i know, they are similar, the points that I look for are a bearing on the top of the stepper shaft and a strong arm holding the feed bearing with a tiny gap between the filament drive gear and the filament output guide (the smaller the gap the better for flex filaments (this is true for ALL extruders not just the titans))

Thanks. Was it a simply, direct replacement fit?