Replacement glass bed

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Snapped a corner off some time ago, but printing was still fine.

I think i have a crack in it now and for some reason, the past couple of days NOTHING would print.

Despite plenty of glue-stick, nothing would stick.

And yes, the bed is level.

Looking online and at a glass supply place here in New Zealand, i am totally shocked i have to spend around NZ$70 to get a replacement bed!

I bought one of those green stickers for the bed ( pre-snap i think ) and it was the best investment i made with i would say 98% of prints sticking well.

Any ideas for replacement bed?

I hear that getting the heating element off the glass is next to impossible.


When my original bed warped, i ordered new glass from a local glass shop with this schematic attached.

6mm thick regular glass with sanded edges and drilled holes costed me 590RUB.

It worked perfectly.
Until i raised bed temperature. When it heat up 100°C it cracked.

So if you going to replace your bed with regular glass one, i recomend you not to go above 80°C

Heating element removed easily from original bed. I just heated it up and peeled it of.

All adhesive stayed on heating element and i just stick it on new bed.

When my new bed cracked, removing heating element was a nightmare of sticky glass shards everywere.

I spent 2 evenings patiently scrubing off original adhesieve from heating element.

Perhaps, if i ordered a thinner glass, it would not have cracked. 6mm was probably overkill.

Why couldn't i use metal?

From what i read.
Aluminum beds tend to warp over time.
When the glass ones, seem to, rarely do that.