ghosting ringing

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I had an enormous amount of ringing/ghosting with my flash. After making sure all belts were tight, the TMC2100's where on 1.05V and there were no other loose parts, I didn't know what to do.

The best solution so far: Tighten the roller wheels so that the bed and extruder aren't moving freely anymore (but a lot of wear on the wheels...), so it dampens the ringing a little bit. Also the acceleration is reduced to 1000mm/s and the jerk to 5.

I print at 30mm/s by the way, so not even that fast. The ringing is no "somewhat" under control. Here is a picture of the ringing before the reduced acceleration.

Anyone who has the same problem?

Really? Thought those would only make it worse (shaking machine), but that's not the case?

I just installed them.

At first glance it looks like the vibrations are being amplified.
But because they are amplified in all directions, they kind of get smoothed out a little.

Anyways, seems like this needs more testing...

I too have severe ghosting and couldn't get rid of it.

Try to put some kind of foam under the printer to absorb most of the vibrations.
Ghosting is not completely gone, but it is much better now.