U Boot crew

by skav56

Just printed the bathtub U-Boot but decided it needed a bit more. So I knocked out a Kriegsmarine badge and the flotilla emblem. The crew are taking a bit longer but should be posted next week. Any constructive criticisms or suggestions are welcome.

The image named (crew ) is what I have managed for the U-Boot so far. Having lots of disaster but getting there bit by bit.

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updetailing existing models for SLA printing

by hendrikdc

so, this week I broke down and bought an anycubic photon on sale. I've been shown that the anycubic should be able to handle much finer detailing than most files designed for FDM printers so i'm hoping to dip my feet a bit in 3D sculpting.
That's right, I'm usually just a leecher when it comes to 3D models, but now with the photon I don't have an excuse not to try 3D modelling. That being said, is there an easy 3D drawing program people prefer to use to mod existing files?
I'd prefer learning working on some small stuff, like detailing tracks etc, rathen than sculpting entire new tanks.

Any help is much appreciated :)

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US Infantry test

by giancarlo58

what do you think of these 15mm us soldiers?
someone can try to print them ?
two files
the second (MP) is processed by Make printable

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Tank printing with movable turrets

by lmonroe11

Hi all.
I would like to get your input on tanks with separate turret pieces. I have found that when printing the peg, it is better to put it on the tank, and not on the turret, because when you print your turret, the edges may droop and mess up the print.
What do you all think?

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Deflated wheels

by oimonline


Can anyone design a deflated track wheel that can be used to create destroyed vehicles? Kind of an obstacle on the table.

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Scaling objects and thin parts

by NW_Cdn

I've been experimenting with printing airplanes recently. There's lots of good airplane models on thingiverse but most of them are pretty large and seem to be in a random scale. I was experimenting with 1/72nd but recently I've been trying 1/144. It's easy to scale down a model in whatever program (I'm using simplify3d), but I find that sometimes parts become too thin to print.

For example, I've been working in tinkercad to convert vldn's Mig-21 to a Chinese knock off F-7 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1941668/#files . I deleted the missiles and the pitot probe and managed to get off most of the giant bracket on the bottom. The file looks viable at 1/72 and 1/100 but when I take it down to 1/144 parts of the tail become too thin to print. See attached screenshot from simplify3d.

Is there any easy way of dealing with this issue? I'm a beginner at 3d modelling and just user tinkercad to build items or occasionally meshmixer to slice items. The only method I can think of in tinkercad would be to slice off the tail, widen it, then reattach it. Sounds simple, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get a clean cut and would either miss part of the tail or get part of the fuselage and generally make a mess of it. Is there an easier way of doing this?

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbed
by vldn
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ww2 german cars

by giancarlo58

Here are some models of German cars prepared for printing with makeprintable.com.
If someone can try printing it to judge the quality.
Thank you

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155 frrench howitzer - need help cleaning STL

by tyrela

Can someone look at this model and let me know how I go about fixing the muzzle? If you loak it up you can see jagged stuff ont he gun shielf and muzzle and I have no idea how to clean it up.



Model 1918 155mm "Schneider" Howitzer
by Kpi1986
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Wespe mobile artillery

by SSBN506

I have finished my first shot at a 1-100 Wespe mobile artillery model. This is by far the most actual design work i have attempted up to this point. It is based on tigerAce1954 Panzer II pack but other than the gun of his i used the Wespe is mostly my work. I am getting closer to the skill level required to do a 100% original design. This model is intended for resin printing but should work on FDM.


1-100 Wespe for Resin Printer
by SSBN506
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