Is there anybody know what happened to m_bergman's 1-100 modern?

by abe0087

thingiverse somehow blow up bergman's project(https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3766220) without any reason. I don't see any case for DCMA problem to make cold war era tank and vehicle unlike fake tank from WoT. Is there anyone know what happened to his project? I even order new resin printer for his specific work (t-64, t-72, etc). Anybody has his modern vehicle file please contact me.

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Problems with "My things"

by marcusmole

Is anyone else having problems with Thingiverse today none of my designs posted afterNovember are visible

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The End

by TigerAce1945

As some of you may already know, Yesterday Wargaming World Limited (the makers of World of Tanks) Ran through thingiverse and DMCA’d a large portion of the tank and military equipment models on the site. Unfortunately both I and Bergman lost a huge portion of our models in the sweep. Fortunately we still possess the files however it is unlikely that we will be able to reverse these DMCA’s and restore the packs here. While I can’t entirely speak for Bergman, I am convinced that thingiverse is no longer a site that I wish to associate with and I’m currently exploring other options for hosting my designs.

I warn anyone who has designs on thingiverse to check to insure if they are still intact.

And one last thing, I’m not the type of person to lecture people on their choice of entertainment, but for anyone who does monetarily support Wargaming World Limited or their games, I ask that you keep this event in mind the next time you decide to do so.

Maybe it’s time we all went somewhere that’s more fit for our community….

A Guy Who Had the Audacity to Give Something Away for Free

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using patreon.com - question

by dr_fil

Friends, do any of you have experience with patreon.com? If yes, tell me what to look for first.

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by MikeENZ

Today we are sitting down with Zachary Kavulich AKA TigerAce1945, one of the most prolific WWII .stl designers on thingiverse (I think he’s second only to m_bergman when it comes to sheer number of files uploaded). We took a few minutes to pick his brain about 3D printing and miniature wargaming.
You can read the full interview with TigerAce1945 here: http://www.wargaming3d.com/wargaming3d-com-interview-with-tigerace1945/

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Problems with downscaling files

by vizenz


I tried to print 1/72 vehicle files in 1/100. Usually everything is fine, except for the tracks. I most often get only a couple of wheels with a few filament spots for the tracks itself. I'm using Cura for slicing.

Is there a trick to downscale tracks in smaller scales or is it impossible? Anyone tried this and got good results?

Best regards,

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Desktop Heros

by Hardlec

how to make our own infantry?
Desktop heros is a program to make custom D&D figures. You can construct your own using their library of poses, equipment, heads, body types etc.

To make historical figures they need more uniform parts, as the "clothes" are all fantasy era, and helmets.

This looks like a good way to make historical infantry.

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Parametric Infantry?

by Hardlec

Once upon a time I saw an article that showed a person can't tell a painted human trooper cast in pewter from a rough sculpture of beaded Styrofoam at 15mm scale at a distance of 1 meter. I would tend to agree. I found the only thing I could recognize was the shape of the helmet and the color of the uniform.
There are not a lot of different helmet shapes. In WWI there was the Brody helmet, the Adrian helmet and the Stahlhem. WWII added new designs from USSR, US, Japan, Italy and late war England.

Would it be possible to create a generic soldier which could wear different helmets and be placed in different poses with a minimum of kerfuffle?

(I am one who finds it uncomfortable to see all the troops on the table standing up to make themselves big, easy targets. I spent most of my combat time on my belly. I'd like to see more prone troops in the post-Spanish-American War era.

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The Discord is LIVE

by TigerAce1945

Hey you! Yes you, the person reading this post! Do you like military equipment? Do you like 3d printing? Do you like talking about military equipment and 3d printing with people that also like military equipment and 3d printing? Well if so I have a surprise for you! Starting today this group now has a discord! You may be saying “ gee wilikers that does sound swell, but how do I join this discord?”. Well that’s easy just follow these 7 simple steps

  1. Go to https://discordapp.com/
  2. Click open discord ( I recommend that after signing in and joining the group you download the program for easier access)
  3. Create an account
  4. Login
  5. Click the + symbol on the left side of the screen
  6. Click join a server
  7. Type jKUY9xe in the box and enter

And that’s it! You’re now apart of the greatest 3d printing/military equipment Discord in EXISTENCE! But what does this include? A lot of fun stuff including but not limited to: voice chats, text chats, modeling streams, video game nights, board game nights, and film nights! Doesn’t that sound EXCITING!

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