The End

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As some of you may already know, Yesterday Wargaming World Limited (the makers of World of Tanks) Ran through thingiverse and DMCA’d a large portion of the tank and military equipment models on the site. Unfortunately both I and Bergman lost a huge portion of our models in the sweep. Fortunately we still possess the files however it is unlikely that we will be able to reverse these DMCA’s and restore the packs here. While I can’t entirely speak for Bergman, I am convinced that thingiverse is no longer a site that I wish to associate with and I’m currently exploring other options for hosting my designs.

I warn anyone who has designs on thingiverse to check to insure if they are still intact.

And one last thing, I’m not the type of person to lecture people on their choice of entertainment, but for anyone who does monetarily support Wargaming World Limited or their games, I ask that you keep this event in mind the next time you decide to do so.

Maybe it’s time we all went somewhere that’s more fit for our community….

A Guy Who Had the Audacity to Give Something Away for Free

Did Wargaming retract their DMCA? It appears that the models that were previously taken down have been restored.

Im not sure exactly who backed down ( wargaming or thingiverse) but it seems that everything claimed by the DMCA was restored. Even some of the stuff that was clearly thier models. I think we may have rasied enough fuss between all the posts here, on facebook, and on the verious reddit sites to get someones attention

I messaged Thingiverse through their 'Contact Us' link, as I'm sure many other did also. I was polite and well-spoken, and I received a polite reply back...referring to their policies regarding intellectual property, terms of use, and content removal.

While merely a raindrop in a bucket...and I expected nothing decisive from them anyway...perhaps they learned that many of us were dissatisfied with their 'broad brush-stroke' reaction to the situation.

Regardless...Success! Thanks to all.

Just in case I have deleted any Wrld o Washps references on my ship models. Got me paranoid now hence not mentioning the name of the dark lords

I have been fighting a copyright claim laid down by a separate company myself. If the specific files were created without the mesh's from the game client and didnt use one of the Wargaming Fake tanks (E-50 M, Waffle E-100, etc) you should be in the clear as well as scrubbing "WoT" from any tags. Listing the vehicles individually instead of in big packs would help in the future, one "false strike" against a single file wont bring down a mountain of legit material. Wargaming got a big black eye attempting to silence one of their former community contributors by threatening their youtube channel with a copyright strike a few years ago when he said some very crude things about the company (which is fine for him to say, fine for them to kick him from the program, wrong use of copyright though).

and the flip side of this is thingiverse designs pop up on Flea bay being sold as original work & thingiverse does ...............NOTHING.

Anybody recognise their work here


Can't advise much but either counter notice because what they did is file a false report which is a crime or DMCA them.

Thankfully it appears that none of mine have been taken down, but with my luck I’ll be in the second batch to be cleared out. Yeah, this whole thing makes no sense because the copyrights and patents on designs would belong to the governments, designers, engineers, and companies that created the tanks in the first few place. And to my knowledge, no one (except for Rolls-Royce/ BMW) has ever make copyright claims against our models. This whole thing is fishy and reminds me of the copyright fights happening at YouTube now.

Well, I am not in town, but in a week I will make sure to repost all of the deleted items the motherfuckers had an issue with, will make sure to include a few swastikas and Hiler's bust they seem to dislike so much. They can kiss my ass.

That is absolutely infuriating, and a unbelievably flagrant abuse of copyright law. It seems that not only your packs, but almost every single world war two tank model has been removed from Thingiverse!

I am sorry to see you go. We will miss you and your designs. Being a player of the Wargaming games, I am sorry to say this sort of thing is not too uncommon. They have copyright struck youtubers they don't like in the past also. I am sad to see you go, sorry that it happened, and wish you luck in your new endeavors. Keep us informed as to where you go next, as at least I will gladly follow.

This sucks Rolls Royce did this last year to Marco when he was forced to pulled his WW1 pack. So much for creating original artwork. perhaps if we post anything we should post it in a unique scale say 16.555 mm and change it every time we post something. Another thing that could be done and It will take some legwork and research is to figure out when a company like "Wargaming World Limited" first started using a certain model. We might discover that they have "stolen" some of the content from people like yourself and m_bergmann. Unfortunately that costs money and required lawyers. Intellectual property theft isn't new on this platform Several talented creators have left this platform due to their own intellectual property being used by others for profit.

That would change nothing. Not Wargaming World Limited deleted the files, thingiverse did it. WWL noticed that there are WOT meshes transfered to .stl's were used on thingiverse - which is a fact. Some designers wrote this open in their descriptions. WWL lawyers sent a letter or an email to thingiverse that they have this files to remove immediately. And that is what they did. But how can they know which file was made from those meshes and which files were made from the designers itself? So they deleted everything with a WOT tag - and maybe some others, because they're knowing they will loose every lawsuit as long as there is one single WOT-mesh file on the website.

So it's not a dicussion that WWL helds the property rights on WW2 tanks, it's only a discussion about the use of the meshes from their games and how a site like thingiverse can check who made something with this meshes and who made his stuff itself.

I don't know if the Rolls Royce (BMW Group) story was similar. I remember an old article in a modelling magazine were was shown how a plastic modell kit (from Revell) was done. From crude sketches to engraving the forms till the finished product. And one point before production was checking the copyright and getting the permission. So there's still a copyright on a lot of old designs as on WW2 planes and tanks. Usually most companies who are "owning" such copyrights don't care about. Maybe Rolls Royce is different?

anything made before 1922 is in the public domain under US copyright law. so the Rolls Royce claim is completely based off the name

Thank you for this info. I'm sure it's different in British and German law, but I don't know the details - as I don't know the details what happens with Marco's WW1 files and what Rolls Royce really wants.

The point for my endless discussion is that I don't understand the "hate" (especially on Facebook) for WWL. I don't believe that WWL wanted that m_bergman or TigerAce1945 files were deleted. They just did not want that someone uses their work. IMO thingiverse made a bad decission to delete everything without a need. There would be several better ways. For example setting all tagged files in quarantine, check them, delete what is WOT related and open the other files again for the community.

But thingiverse used the easiest, fastest and cheapest way. Delete everything without informing the concerned designers. That shows they don't give a shit on the work of those people who made and make thingiverse! And that is what makes me really angry!

Best regards,

I totally don´t understand how this is even possible. Thanks for all your work and the information.

What is the relationship between your creations and Yesterday Wargaming World Limited?
Did you use meshes from World of Tank?

meshes were all my own design.

If anything I played the game years ago so if you wanted to absolutely stretch it I may have subcutaneously added design feature exclusive to their tanks because I saw them 3 years ago and assumed them historically accurate models...

Whats more probable is that they took down anything with a World_of_Tanks tag or was in a collection named World of Tanks. This isn't a great move considering that anybody can add tags or make collections on this site. I never used those tags or referenced their game so it must be from user tags.

No, there were really a few meshes out from "World of Tanks" on thingiverse, but 99,9% of all the military (or wargaming) stuff had nothing to do with them. As much as I understand was the problem that people used "tags" on those models. Tags like "Flames of War", "World at War", "Tanks" or even "World of Tanks". And it seems that was the thing after that thingiverse decided what has to deleted after Wargaming World Limited raised a complaint.

So these tanks that people have designed cannot be tagged "Tanks" mmm??

I am going to copy the word "YES" I will be a billionaire by lunchtime.

They can be tagged "Tanks" and whatever else. But that's how big platforms work if there is a chance to get in trouble with a concern with money.
There aren't any employes who will check if somebody made a failure or who will trying to find out if something is really prohibited by copyright or not. They are using tags, hints or in the worst case an algorithm to remove the stuff.

...and that will be only the start. There are so many new "Copyright protection" laws in the world (the EU made a big pack of new laws two weeks ago) that the internet will change a lot during the next years.

The actual situation is bad for all of us. But I read in Zachary's post that he's not willing to quit his work. That's great news! I'm sure others will also continue. Maybe it's the right time to start something new outside of thingiverse. But in my opinion a change to the next big commercial platform like Facebook will bring similar problems during the time. Maybe a little blog or something else will do it. I'm always willing to pay a "protection charge" a "donation" or something similar if it is necessary to collect the money for the needed memory space.

I only posted the Facebook page because its just easier for me to post messages there. I'm not going to base my files there because its not a very good site for that. right now im thinking wargaming3d.com (not that wargaming) its a small site that i know the owner of.

Do they charge a fee on wargaming3d.com to download files ?

Some designers do, some don't. It is completely up to the designer.

And I'll personally review any DMCA takedown requests. That doesn't mean we'll ignore them in the case of legit IP issues, i.e if someone put a spacemarine up and GW sent us a cease and desist. But where the IP is owned by countries that literally do not exist, folks like WOT don't have a legal leg to stand on and my response will to tell them which bodily oriface they can stick their takedown notice.

Which FB page ? I would like to keep track to see more of your models...

I bet he didn't, as I am sure they were all his own designs, it's just WOT being assholes

Disappointed to hear this seems almost like theft/vandalism that someone can unilaterally decide to remove your IP.

Thats crap, how can they know if something is of their game, all my models luckily are still here, but then they are all researched and modeled from scratch. Apart from some reworks with stowage etc. Oh crap i am dead now☺
Seriously this is bad news for the comunity.
But as you say luckily you have the majority of files and facebook, thought i'd seen you on ww2.

When I find a new place to upload I will attempt to report it here, however until then I will be posting on the WW2+ 3D Wargame Printing facebook group.


Please do post here when you find a new home. Facebook is problematic and many people value their privacy too much to join. (Including me). It would be a shame to see the community collapse.

You can create a Facebook account that doesn't have personal info, in fact it can be all psuedo, your name can be NW_can, etc.

Did Thingiverse advise you this was going to happen or did they just delete the stuff overnight?

Nope. They didn't even tell me it happened. I only found out when user Bob_Mack created a M48 Remix (the M-47M) with this in the description

"The M48 came from the US Post War Pack which now seems to be unavailable on Thingiverse (shame)"

and I thought "hmm that's not right". Sure enough it turned out it was right.....

Have you aske Thingiverse what prompted the removal? Perhaps is you repost it without the WOT tag?

Tigerace did not put wot tags on to his designs, it was other people doing it that caused the problem, so even if you repost others can add the tag.

Can I add WOT tags to all the dildoes and butt plugs posted on Thingiverse ?

Oh so tempting (insert devil emoji)

Done, I started with this one, but am not sure what other tags should I add WOT YWWL WWOL https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3541709

Shower Turbo Vibrator [No motor required]

I'm not a Twitter or Instagram user, but I hope those who are...are tearing this apart on social media.