Favorite weapon or method

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What is your favorite weapon or method of these three time periods? Ancient, medieval, and gunpowder. Leave a comment and explain if possible. Mine are: Shield wall, flaming catapult ammo, and the cannon.

Ancient: Greek Fire
Medieval: The catapult and the ballista
Gunpowder: The Gatling Gun

Ancient: Dacian Falx

Medieval: Longbow

Gunpowder: grapeshot

The Samurai Sword (Katana, Iaito)
Being a practitioner of the art, these are simply the best swords around.

Wheeled turrets, trebuchets, flint lock muskets (Muskets are awesome and these didn't require fuses and matches.)

I cant say much about the other two time periods but I've always liked the gunpowder age idea of fire by rank. The discipline and coordination it takes to get 100+ guys to all fire at once, kneel, and reload while they are taking fire and the rank behind them fires over their head is truly impressive.

Good ol’ fashioned volley of lead and smoke.

And bits of French skull (see my previous reply)

At Waterloo some of the less experienced French infantry shot their comrades in the head rather than over.