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If there are any WarThunder players out there Join our squadron. Or if you play any war games you can join the discord. I have more steam games than I feel comfortable admitting so if its a ww2 game I probably own it.

Squadron name: The Salt Mine

Shoot me a friend request on discord: TigerAce1945 #4188

ahaha you watch jingles too? :)

I actually don't like watching jingles at least biased off his older stuff. I'm not sure where I got the phrase fun and engaging game-play from but I've been saying when it comes to both world of tanks and warblunder for years : )

talking about the salt mines but honestly i just watch jingles for that voice :) also is8 prints perfectly, while your m41 turret needs a bit more work, im gonna post the make once i glue the is8

I am also a massive Jingles fan, he is one of only two youtubers I watch.