Supported files for resin printers?

by heychadwick

Hi All,

I've started with a resin printer and found many excellent files to download (such as from TigerAce). My problem comes in with needing to build in supports for resin printers that SLA printer don't seem to need. I've tried building my own supports, but either go too far or not enough. I have a hard time getting enough supports on these amazing designs.

Has anyone else out there already done supports for these tanks for resin printing? Would they be willing to share? I've gotten more wonky vehicles and am a bit despondent.

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by Sauragnmon

Wanting to collect some of the Midwar Monsters.. but for all the lovely works of TigerAce, he seems to be missing the KV-3 in his pack.

Anybody got the turret? I know it's pretty much just a turret on a KV-1 hull visually.

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Junker Ju88

by gunlock_wolg

I know its almost Christmas, but I might as well post this to get it out of the way now. Does anyone know where I can find a Ju88 model in 1/72nd or 1/100th? I've been looking for sometime now and can not seem to find one.

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by vonbelgium

Dous annyone know where to find some good stl's to print some bocages for a normandy table?

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1:100 Bergmann Files

by pmgeuze


I have seen the collection listed as 1:100 Bergmann for World War Two tanks, but the files I am able to download do not seem to have as many models as are shown in the sample pictures.

Are these from a previous pack, if so, do you know how I may locate them?

I am specifically looking for the H-35 to H-39 models.

Thank you.

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Ring Miniatures model shop

by ringlord

Hey, I've seen a lot of people here asking for models, and I've actually created a 3D printing shop with some pretty cool models. Check my Thingiverse page first or check out my shop: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ring-miniature

I hope this could be helpful to some people here :)

free paid rare models shapeways
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1/600 tanks

by ellioto123

looking for WW2 tanks that can be printed in 1/600 (low detail) preferably for the desert war any ideas?

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Anyone know where i can find Infantry Models?

by thebestguy25

I have a Anycubic photon and can print at 0.0025MM layer height. Does anyone know where i can get good infantry models, for any nation?
I am looking for some battlefront quality STLs. I can go to other sites and pay if there are any good looking models. thanks

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bolt action terrain (28mm or 1:56 scale)

by vonbelgium

annyone knows where to find some good terrain?
especially buildings seem to be hard, i'd love to print a church or something like that

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