==RULES & FAQ===

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  1. The Design must made within the challenge dates.

  2. The Design must fit one of the following themes :
    Puzzle Challenge
    Lamp That!
    Collaborative Design.
    Life Hack
    Injury Assistance

  3. Designs must submit original content, or a remix of another work, as long as they are clearly referenced in the post.

  4. Final Submission time is: 20th of May at 13:00 GMT. Anything posted after will not be counted.

  5. Please clearly state the theme of your design when submitting

  6. You may only submit 1 Design Per person, However you can submit 1 collaborate(remix) design.


Question :Can I work as a group?

Answer. Yes! We encourage you work as a team as this is part of collaborative design anyway! If you do enter please make sure you credit both you and your collaborator.

Question :If I win can I get a local currency amazon gift card?

Answer :Yes! Of course you can, once you win we will contact you then work out the best way to give you the perfect amazon gift card.


Why i can't select one of all my designs. I have posted approx 47 designs and the selection list doesn't show all of them ?

By error i posted this thing : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3591885

I want to post this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3318368

Please can you help me


1/4 Turn Filament guide for 20x20 or 40x20 profil (Guide de Filament pour profil 20x20 ou 40x20)
Bike Warning Sign light 30 Leds (Écarteur de danger de vélo lumineux à 30 leds)

No problem, well its only one entry per person so you would not be able to enter 47 designs. However your new entry is fine. What theme is it under?

I just posted a thing in the group mentioned in the welcoming page. But now I'm not sure where to state the theme of my design (the 5th rule). Should I just write it somewhere in the description of the design or...?

Yes please state which theme you designed under. It doesn't have to be anywhere in particular as long as it is clear.