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I am in need of input as to what is needed for the new software im writing. 3D Printer is being designed to keep track of fillament used and stock values. as well as able to view makes for clients. It will keep track of filament remaining on a roll and what that roll was used for.

Select "Stock"
in this part of the software you can add new stock see what stock is left and ascertain if you need to order additional colors you can brows through the database and see whats in stock. if you add a new stock item you will be able to add a new image or it will use the internal images if available in that colour.As with stock,

Select "MAKES"
you can brows through the database and see whats in been produced. you will be able to add a new image of the made item to the record as will as client info and time taken for the build allowing costing to be done for client builds.

Select "Charts"
shows the database for stock and builds (makes)
in chart form and will be expanded to give selectable details on request.
it is being worked on to to produce a printout for the client of the build.
and costings if so needed

Select "Maintenance"
This will be for regular servicing of the printers

I am creating this software to fill a hole in small business and home monitoring of 3d Builds
It is intended that this software will be put up for FREE use for members of Thingyverse.
you will have to register for the login details if you wish to use this to its fullest extent.
By registering, Any ideas for expanding the software and updates will come with your registration

So any ideas Post them here ... THANKS :)


To get over the inappropriate behavior of the mods labeling software as spam, I have created a website to follow through on my wish to supply small software to members for free.. I will try and keep it updated as much as possible in between finishing off the program..


from here you will be able to download the software and test it out. Also updates will be logged here and managed from this web site..

Kind Regards

Thingyverse have seen fit to pull this entry as SPAM.. Well I never .... Why the hell do bother ! .... 1st.. it does not contravene
Makerbots entry criteria . 2nd .. It is a digital build .. It makes no difference if its an .stl file or an .exe file they are both digital build files...
3rd .. This is here to Help everyone that needs this sort of software .. and i put it up for early recognition so as to get some feedback on members needs so i could encapsulate them in the program.. well dome again on a rancid decision.. have a look at entry's
that entry is no different to mine... so please think again ..

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